Trident Pension Trustees Ltd

Pension TrusteesCompany-nominated and individual trustees will continue to have a role in the governance of pension schemes. New trustees must be trained within six months of appointment and existing trustees must be trained at least every two years. Trident Consulting provides training to support trustees.

Many people who have undertaken the role of trustee in the past are reluctant to continue and in such cases.

Trident Pension Trustees Ltd provides an external independent trustee service. Our emphasis is on providing a high quality bespoke trustee service.

We take on the role of trustee and hence the governance responsibility and we discuss with the company key objectives and delivery relative to those objectives.

We ensure that the registered administrator issues benefit statements as required and we liaise with the registered administrator to issue a trustee annual report.

We deal with both the compliance requirements as well as overseeing whether the scheme’s operations (e.g. investment management) require review.

Trident Pension Trustees Ltd is authorised by the Department of Justice and Equality to carry on business as a trust or company service provider.

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