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Day 9: An Inspiration

Posted by David McCabe on May 22 2013 @ 20:19

I went to bed earlier than usual Monday night as I was absolutely wrecked tired. But woke up like most mornings, a bit grogy and wondering could I get another hours sleep. But up I got, same regular symphony of multi’s and stuff including coffee and gone. Same as usual after my morning clients I leave an hour free to do my cardio.

This time it was later than usual so thst meant that there were more people in the gym than there would be than if I did it ealrier. But on my 35th minute a guy came up and just ask how I getting on. With sweat falling on the machine I said ‘Grand’, but my mind was screaming ‘GET ME OFF THIS MACHINE OF DEATH!’. He continues to chat away and say he hasn’t being in the gym for 5-6 weeks and really wanted to get back into it but couldn’t get the motivation. He said ‘I seen one of your posts on facebook about losing a stone, what happened to you after and your still going…….. and I’m at home. So I’m in today and to say your an inspiration to us and keep going!’. I just said thank you for the compliment and continued to sweat a river but when I was cooling down it just dawned on me that I inspired someone to change. With just my words. I was blown away. And guys if you need a hand, do not hesitate to email or text me for advice.

The day continued. Had amazing assessments with great goals achieved, a good laugh with the rest of my clients but still made sure that they still gave 100% to their session and their time with me.

Driving home I realised I’m an hour behind my meal so driving home I am starving behind the wheel. I ate whatever chicken I have left and as I got in the door the cereal could not get into me quick enough. Moral of the story kids, never starve and drive.

Good night


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Day 8: So Tired

Posted by David McCabe on May 20 2013 @ 20:30

I’m going to start this with the title of this blog. I’m So Tired. I knew yesterday that I’d a 12 hour day with my training sessions to do and eat, and it’s nothing new to me to do such a long shift. Sure for 2 weeks I did 14 hour days but today they didn’t matter Today I am tired.

Got up hitting my alarm saying ‘it just can’t be that time yet!’. I had my cocktail of Vit’s and Min’s with my black coffee and off I went. Weighed in first thing when I got there and gained 1.6 kg. Which is great compared to my usual weekend cheat where I put on 8 kg so I’ll take that. After my morning cardio I was down 1.3 kg which brought me back down to 113.3kg. .3kg off my friday weight, so nearly back on track.

My morning clients were straight through til 3. Then a half hour for lunch then back in for 330 to finish the rest for the evening.

Home now after my bowl of cereal and caesin before bed and i’ve to start this all over again tomorrow. Sorry for the short blog guys but i’m so tired………zzzzzzzzz

Good night

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Day 7: Genesis 2:2

Posted by David McCabe on May 19 2013 @ 19:27

Super Sunday Everyone,

Now, whether you want to use that as a drinknig term for a Sunday full o’ Drink…… Have at it! I wish I could but today it was my rest day……. again, but this one was different……….. This one had an air to it! This one day comes but once a week and it my friends is the most satisifing day of all. Not the day I realised I lost a stone in 48 hours, not the day that I took off from training to rest….. NO! This day is CHEAT MEAL DAY!

It’s like freckin’ Christmas up in here…….. but that wasn’t until later in the day.

(Queue the sad violins, and trademark Charlie Chaplin frown).

Woke up this morning at 7:57am and I was slightly disgusted but within 10 seconds of opening my eyes, I knew what it was. HUNGER. After a stomach full of caesin before bed last night has filled me until this morning and now it has left me this morning with what would only be discribed in these few words ‘I’d Eat A Full Cow’…… So you know what…… I did. One pound of it to be exact and it was epic.

Then I tackled what was left of my work schedule for the week. The Prep work. Program’s, Diet’s, Assessments, Time’s for client and I remember saying to someone that you’d need a ‘HOT POT OF COFFEE’ to get through it. (Anchorman fans, hope you liked it :P)

The rest of the day was spent with thoughts like ‘What am I going to do until my cheat meal?’ and ‘What am I going to have for my cheat meal?’…… Basically it was all cheat meal related. But when the time came I did have my regular meal 5 but with a twist. The twist being 500ml of ice cream and a bag of savoury crackers to up the sodium, fat, carbohydrate ratio on the protein. OOOOOOHHHHHH YEAH! And it only took me an hour to eat, you could say that I never gave up.

Usual once I have something like that I snow ball. And badly. I’d keep going if you gave me running room but not this time. I know my goal and I know what it that’s. It takes discipline, dedication, determination, perserverance, and strength. Don’t get me wrong, I love my food, it’s just that it will always be there but sometimes I go for it like it’s going out of fashion. and I know that feeling all too well and it’s not worth it.

Here writing this blog as the sun settles while I sip my jet black coffee, I do have thoughts on the week to come. Like:

‘Can I Keep Going?’ (and to a good friend of mine who would love this and the Star Wars fans reading this), I pulled a YODA on it

‘Keep Going, I Can!’

Good Night Everybody

“By the seventh day God had finished the work he had been doing; so on the seventh day he rested from all his work”

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Day 6: Quality Time

Posted by David McCabe on May 18 2013 @ 21:50

Good Day Everyone,

Today started off with a bit of a grogy head due to 1 Glass…….. I repeat: 1 GLASS OF CHARDONNY. But then you realised you had 2 and the once big man you were, you are now tipsy on 1 glass. Well, at least i’m someones cheap diet. But i’ll tell how this is. My body has gone through such a change and then a completely restructured diet that with nothing in my stomach and nothing to hold it it was absorbed very quickly.

Got up and had myself 14oz of Steak, rare…… I know some people are saying ‘you dirty pup’. But hey, that’s how I like it, so that’s how I ate it! then swiftly went for a walk with the Bear. It was an overcast day but i didn’t care, walking chatting and the bear had a wee friend to play with the whole way on the walk so everything was gravy. back to the house and thought I’ve one hundred and one things to do………. This won’t grow on it’s own….. but I opted for the latter and did nothing. I rarely do nothing folks. I usually work 13 days straight due to the Transform Fitness 12 Day Transformation Program but the past 2 weeks i didn’t take on any new 12 Day’ers (12 Day Client’s) due to work commitments. And it felt great.

I lay on the couch with the pup on the floor, by my side or on top of me for the each film or series and I ate set meals every 3 hours but then I thought when I was reading over my weeks diary that with all that i’ve achieved in one week, I needed this time out. Except for the expansion happening soon , which there will be no rest there so I’ll need as much rest now, but for the simply fact that not only my mind could get use to what happened but my body. With ever passing few hours and with every calobrated meal, my body is resting and changing. As the body only grows or changes in a states of rest or sleep…….. I needed This!

Tomorrow i’m contemplating a cheat meal……. not sure I trust myself yet on that front but we’ll see how we go. But until tomorrow i’m off on the Bears second walk and i’ll see you guys tomorrow.

Enjoy your night

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Day 5: TGIF

Posted by David McCabe on May 17 2013 @ 22:27

Hi guys, and welcome to my day 5 blog of my personal challenge on Today started on a buzz, full of energy and ready to go at 5am this morning. I’ve never had this much energy or was even in such good form since I got a Super Nintendo for Christmas when I was 8.

I got up ready to roll same routine for the morning, out the door and singing the whole way to work………. yah i know. I must of looked some sight on the road, sipping coffee, with black aviatars on, shaved head, singing MC Hammer…… nice.

Got in and my client that I mentioned in my last blog who lost 30 kilos from January ’til now met me at the door with a bit of a drown as she was sick but she did hand me her results from her body fat composition testing. She dropped over 8% body fat. I was so happy for her and explained what we were going to do when she returned from holiday to get her ready for her competition. Then my 6am walked, very slowly up the stairs waving her hands. We got half way through our session and my client says to me ‘Have you noticed that that woman over there is copied your training??!!’. I laughed and said ‘Yes, I see that. They have been at that at long time now.’. She replied with ‘Does that not annoy you?’. I smiled and simply replied ‘It’s like this, great leaders don’t only tell you how it’s done, they show you how it’s done. I look at it as a great compliment, as if you’re good enough to be copied and imitated, you must be doing something right!’ She looked at me and smiled and said ‘you know what? Your absolutely right!’.

I made my way to the changing room after my 6am client and prepared for the stairs. But before doing so, you know that if you don’t put your training session up on Facebook, it doesn’t count. So, posted that I was fine and ready to go. The stair master this morning was good, tough but not as bad as Wednesday. Great session and weighed in at 113kg. That’s 7.8kg down from Monday to Friday. That’s over 17 pounds in 5 days. Now, that was a hard week full of ups and downs and an absolute crash in body function. It was a great feeling to have achieved so much and people coming up to me saying, ‘I’m reading your blog and It’s good to see that you are recording this because it has inspired me. You really have helped!’. I just said thank you but inside it was just a powerful sense of ‘I inspired someone’. I was beaming with a smile.

Fast forward to 12pm and I had an interview, number 2 this week. I was tougher on this interviewee than the others because this guy seems to know his stuff. It was a great interview and then during the interview I had only one client left and she text to cancel. so when the interview was over, I ran out of the gym, into the car and down to my hometown. I was there by 3 and i was relaxing by 3:01. I haven’t been home that early from work in a long, long time and it was a great feeling.

Then I got a phone call, from a woman looking to compete this year and wanted me to help her. I just thought that this day rules. This really is something that I am getting into and my results are standing out. I’m so happy that people are considering me to help them in this huge goal they are about to start.

I decided today, that I’ll train at home in our bus yard. Using my old school material. It was a weird session but it was a good one. A lot of muscles that haven’t been used since the crash due to the tear in my forearm. But it was good.

I had a shower and had to collect my weeks worth of meat. I went to my clients house as he collects it for me. And he was having a barbecue and I hadn’t eating. They had made a feast of pure meat. African beef sausage, chicken, chicken legs, chicken wings, ribs and toasted sandwiches. I wasn’t going to stay but that beef sausage was unreal so i ate with them and had a feast of meat. It was absolute fantastic.

I’m here now chilling with a glass of chardonnay and its gone right to my head so i’ll leave you at this and if there are spelling mistakes you know why. And the only thing I regret is not doing the Lotto!



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Day 4: Man Down

Posted by David McCabe on May 16 2013 @ 19:23

This morning did not start with a BOOM! This morning only started with getting only 4 hours sleep. And that’s not good. Got up and got my morning cocktail in me with reminding myself that i got sachets of Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey from the seminar last night and packed them into my bag also. And rightly so……..

Driving up i felt ok but tired nothing different really. But 10 minutes into training my first client. I was not well…….. at all. I had no energy and felt like i felt yesterday. Nauseous, dizzy, weak, palpitations, a need to keep moving but yet so tired. I CRASHED to the floor of the after I finished with my 6am client. I thanked God then that my next client had cancelled during the week as i lay there for 15 minutes. Then came to the realisation that we were a man down after such shock. After slightly stretching a getting up really really slowly i walked to my desk, threw a sachet into a shaker and out the door of the gym for fresh air and a walk. The feeling is not something you want guys……

I downed the shake immediately and walked for 30 mins. Got back and was starving. I’d another shake, along with meal 2. Then had straight hours from 8am-2pm. At half 8 I was starving again. Now, I do not eat in small portions, just ask anyone. But I was just starving another shake had to go down and a lot of water to hopefully stop this effect. I wasn’t nearly as bad as yesterday but the fear of it coming back was i the back of my wee head. And one other thing i did notice though is the lack of DOMS. Now, I’m a massive fan of DOMS, makes you feel like your a man thats after doing manly things with manly tools and then get pain just because your a manly man. But i didn’t feel any in the 4 days…… until i shot up my protein intake today…….. THE PAIN!!!!!!!

After a comment I recieved this morning I asked a member of the gym to witness me weighing myself, and this is how I will weigh in from now on, for witness and record. I weighed in this morning after having 3 meals in 3 hours at 113.9 kg. A drop of .8kg from yesterday. And I decided on my self discovery walk, that training would not be wise today. So an off day was had by all.

2pm came and after eating meal 4 previously at 12pm. I was still ravenous and seeing as my last client was my baby twin sister, I thought I’d treat her to some lunch. My break meal was a large serving of Calamari and a salad. HEAVEN!

Filling the first time today that I was full, I head back to the gym to finish off my day.

I got home early today, for once. And I’m sitting here watching a ridiculous film but I’ve forgotten the best part of my day. As i walked out for my walk this morning, one of my female clients that is looking to compete this year and came in smiling. She came up singing me praises of how great I was……….. minds out of the gutters people.

She got a body fat and composition test redone 3 months after her start with me. She started at 103 kilograms she is now a 74 kilograms and i will reveal her starting body fat reading and her new readings tomorrow.

Until need guys, I’m off to walk my bear and go to bed early.

Enjoy your night guys
Live, love, respect

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Posted by David McCabe on May 15 2013 @ 23:21

***** First off I would like to start off by saying that I don’t advertise, support, condone losing the amount of weight that I lost in 48 hours. Doing something like this, is too hard on the system to which the shock was felt today. Without the knowledge of knowing how to get out of this shock, an average gym going would not of walked out of the gym, they would of been stretchered out, and brought to hospital…….. Please do not try this…… even under the supervision of any professional including me – Dave *****

BOOM! Swift slap to the alarm, a quick flip of the covers and out of bed i got like a shot. I was like a child on christmas day, wanting to how want much weight i lost this morning…….. if any. But again the same morning ritual. Vit’s, Min’s, my epicness pill, my bloody coffee then out the god damn door.

I was buzzing this morning, I had a half day as I was invited to the Optimum Nutrition Seminar today with IFBB Pro Steve Cook as guest speaker. But I’ll tell you guys about that later.

Got in for 6am and trained my 6am client then onto do some training. Trained for 40 minutes-ish, cool-down for 20 minutes and walked with a jump in my step to the assessment room. Standing on the ‘digital cry making machine’, I was expect maybe a pound of 2 to be off. As water and other bodily fluids are gotten rid of very quickly when you start back training. But to my absolute shock, i was 114.5 kilograms.

Now, quick math. If you weigh 120.8kg and you are now 114.5kg!!!!! How much weight have you lost?????? That’s 6.3kg and for extra credit that’s 13.86 pounds in 48 hours……. we’ll go for brownie points – that’s .14 ounces off 14 pounds – 1 stone.

Guys, I’m not going to lie, that was an amazing feeling. The feeling I got was an overwhelming and gratifying sense i haven’t felt in over 7 years. But that was quickly taken away by how my body started to adjust to the fact that i was after losing up to a stone in 2 days. Neusea, tunnel vision, weak, faint, and a burning need to keep moving but no energy to do so without fainting. I needed food, fat and air. I had my meal 2 with 100gms of cashews which was 50gms of fat, which for me, was my total for the day. But they were needed immediately as my stomach was cramping as it was battling body responses and the avenue i sent it down 30 minutes ago…… and it was in it’s after burn phase. I was immediately melting hot and needed to move but was very tired. That feeling of dying to go to the bathroom but someone is holding you back with a riveting conversation that would only entertain a nun of 90 but you’re being polite…… that type of feeling. Get me?

I’d to get through 6 more hours and that feeling rushed up every now and again. When the half day came, I sat down and worked on programs, emails, messages, and facebook posts until it passed. Off to eat meal 4 and then off to Dublin. I drove slow with the windows down and drinking water to keep hydrated.

Got to the seminar with time to spare, and walked in nice and slow. Walking down the corridor to the room in which the seminar was being held. With my head glancing at my phone, ‘Mr. McCabe’ was spoken. Honestly, I was taken back and I said in my best ‘I didn’t nearly end up in the hospital today voice’ – ‘Sorry?’

‘David McCabe yea?, here’s your wrist band and you can follow me’. I simply thought, ‘A person could get use to this!’, when it was interrupted with ‘I read your post this morning on “Transform Fitness”, and your transformation picture was just unbelievable. It’s great to meet you!’. Now, if i didn’t nearly fall earlier from systematic failure, I was blown away by that!

The seminar went on for over 2 hours but honestly….. that time flew. It was information that i thought i knew but just like everything, it has evolved. The supplement brand of Optimum Nutrition is by far, and has solidified, it’s place as just being that damn good. I would advise everyone to go to the next one.

On my drive home, I thought of all that happened today. I lost close to a stone in 48 hours………… and when i got in, not in a vein way, I checked the mirror for the visual signs of that weight loss. And without mentioning I’m lighter again at the end of the day, but it’s showing on my face, chest, stomach, lower back and legs.

This has just happened. This is the reality. This is the impossible, made possible. I worked damn hard for that, and nearly put myself in hospital today with clients worrying and me at panic stations.

I DO NOT WANT ANYONE TO TRY THIS. Nor do I want to be judged or be thought as misleading the public. This is what happened to me and I’m responsible for that.

And I’m making this crystal clear. If anyone would like to question this or have any queries about what the hell I was thinking – drop me a line at

I’ll leave you with the pic of the day. My 7 year transformation. From 70kg to 120 in the states and the time in between.



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Day 2: Nothing Like A Lie In…….. Doh!

Posted by David McCabe on May 14 2013 @ 20:51

Ok……… not the best start to my day. Alarm went off and “ac-cid-ent-ly” switched off the alarm. And we all know there is nothing like walking around the gaff with the left eye still sleeping the the other one becoming disgruntled that the left eye was getting away with it! Same morning ritual: vits, mins, and coffee and out the door.

With the “not so annoyed client” texting back saying ‘thank god, i’m getting back into bed……. my body is in bits’. To which I smiled and got ready for my 7am-2pm shift. I’d planned to do a cardio session with my 8am client, so I went to weigh myself to see what dent I made in the weight department. Stood on the weighing scales, looked down and nearly fell to the floor in shock. 120.8 kilograms to 116.6 kilograms in 24 hours (photo on facebook @transformfitnesspt).

I honestly was in complete shock. Nearly a perfect 10 pounds down in 24 hours. Then led me to think could i get a stone (14 lbs) in 2 days??? Could i be imagining this??? So I had to take the picture. Still in shock I ate 2 fillets of chicken and cashew nuts, while training my crew of transformers. Quick coffee at 12 and done at 2pm for lunch. From that post at 8am onto the Transform Fitness Facebook page I got a ridiculous amount of texts, e-mails, comments, and people coming up to me not able to believe it and asking my what was my secret.

Got some biz (that is slang for business for people who don’t have time to say the full word) done from 2pm to 2:30pm and off on my lunch. Back up and in to chip at this grind stone from 4pm to 7pm and get the second round of cardio done and then home.

Driving home I thought, that was an epic day minus the lie in but I’ll run it down. I got 2 raving testimonials left on my desk, 2 stair master sessions done (to which, felt like the world was ending on the stairmaster ………. and on that stairmaster only), new clients, got put on the guest list for a great seminar in Dublin tomorrow (Thanks Optimum Nutrition), and as I’m writing this blog i’m thinking I’ve to arrange interviews for Friday.

To end I will say, I got a message today off a person who just thought you have to be extremely fit and ready for that type of training. My answer was this:

‘There is a huge issue in this industry where there is a stigma attached to training for the body you want. Some professionals make you feel like you have to be fit to do this. False, the only thing you take out of that persons message is ‘ready’. You personally have to be ready for the change. You can’t walk into a gym, facility, studio, back yard, shanty warehouse or someones shandy front room (whatever you’re into) without having the want, the desire, or the will to get in and start on your journey. You have to ignore the outside and focus, souly on you. Once you do something you like, keep it up and soon you’ll be the person to go to for advice on ‘How to do this?’. I’m proof of that and everyone can do it……EVERYONE not the choosen few……. EVERYONE.

Guys, have a great night.

Live, Love, Respect

(P.S. keep an eye out for my personal Transformation® picture, tomorrow on our Transform Fitness® Facebook page @TransformFitnessPT. Its unbelievable)


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Day 1 of The Transform Fitness Challenge: the Bloody Gym-Bag Fairies

Posted by David McCabe on May 14 2013 @ 08:43

Hi Transformers,

And welcome to the first blog of the Transform Fitness Challenge Series

I’ve given myself a challenge as i may not be able to compete this year with a torn exterior rotator in my right forearm from a car accident in mid march.

In the world of fitness this is ‘TABU’, but i love challanges that changes everyones prospective on how everything works…….

I’ve once done this before in 2004 where i was 18 stone 11 pounds. In old money it’s 119.5 kilograms and for the yanks that’s 263 pounds. The biggest my waist ever was, was 44′. I’m sure i crawled over into the 19 stone mark (120 kg+ or 266lbs+). So I was determined to lose it.

I lost 8 stone 8lbs (54.5kg / 120 pounds) in 3 months……. Seriously, thats your average 5 foot 4 inch woman. There are pictures to show the change with my friends and family who witnessed this ridiculous transformation and it made who I am today as it thought me determination, perserverence, dedication and hard work really pay off. And it lit my interest for health and fitness.

So here is my challenge, my own competition. Can i lose:
‘ 3 stone in 8 weeks ‘

Day 1: Bloody Gym-Bag Fairies – start weight 120.8kg

Today started like all the rest of my working days. Up at 4:50am (yes, morning comes that early), and started my routine……. Hitting snooze a ridiculous amount of times to the chorus of ‘Why do i have clients that want to train this early?’

Got to the kitchen, threw on the ole kettle first, poured myself a pint of cold water, threw my vitamin c and zinc into the glass and prepped my vitamins and minerals (like the hulkster said ‘to make you big and strong’). Got my food, water, coffee, my smile and out the door.

I’ve a straight bill of clients from 6am to 2pm then my second round from 5pm to 7pm. While sipping my jet black coffee, i had my first client of the day wishing she never woke up to come in to me with an education in body dynamics, heart racing ply-metrics and a ridiculous amount of cardiovascular shock therapy with interval sprints. 6am client slowly walking down the stairs and my 7am is not happy when I’m happy so this continued until the most hated thing on a personal trainers phone………. a text from a client cancelling their 10am session. My instant thought was ‘If i was beside yah, you’ll very quickly find out that you don’t want to make me angry’ but then came to the thought ‘time for cardio’. I jumped onto the stair master and started to do my first unexpected cardio session of my day. 45 mins of interval speed drills. And I am not going to lie, it wasn’t pleasant.

Quick shower, a couple of chicken fillets and back to the day job. A well deserved coffee at 12pm, finished for my lunch at 2pm to respond to e-mails, text messages, facebook posts, and phone calls before having yet some more chicken fillets, 2 whole grain wraps and some raw carrots. With just a few minutes to spare to gather my thoughts and read up on a few articles.

Back in for, my only cardio workout but it become my second one of the day. And this was worse than the last. But on the bright side of the day, I had 90 minutes of cardio done and burnt over 1,800 calories. And then it came to the second shower. In preperation for my day on Sunday and thinking that client’s would not cancel, I only planned to train once. There was only one change of clothes in my bag and i was wearing them as the ones i came to work in are still soaking in sweat. So, just like my gym bag, i am also, soaking wet in my own sweat with 3 hours left to go. DAMN!

But then i thought i would weigh myself and see my progress for the day (and I know, we say never become obsessed with your weight but curiosity got the better of me). To my shock i was down 2.3 kilos that’s slightly over 5lbs of weight gone in just 12 hours.

I drove home after drying in my own sweat and finishing off my last few clients thinking. If that happened everyday i would have the challenge complete in 9 days……. imagine, but that’s in an ideal world and that’s where the gym bag fairies pack your bloody bag. DAMN

Off for my shower.

Thanks for reading and i will see you tomorrow
Same bat channel, but a different time :p


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Nutrition 303 – Nutrition Contruction

Posted by David McCabe on May 05 2013 @ 09:54

Hi Guys,

After a few long weeks, (Yes!, I know you’ve been waiting but a man can get very busy :P) here is the final instalment of the Nutrition Collection Blogs on by Transform Fitness® .

Now, Where do I start:

In Nutrition 101 & 102, I ran through the importance of Nutrients, Vitamins And Minerals. But here is where the people get confused. Every day I am asked, And I am sure every other fitness professional is asked the same, ‘WHAT SHOULD I EAT TO LOSE WEIGHT/GAIN MUSCLE/REDUCE BODY FAT/ETC.?’

I will tell you all right now, not one person on this earth is the same (and I’m a twin :P). You could eat what I eat to lose weight: the same amount, the same food, the same supplements and you can still look the same. And vice versa for nutrition of any other training plan.

I have a specific formula I use to construct my nutritional program’s. And to be honest, I need to, as with myself, clientele and with competition level clientele, there is a full reason for having a specific formula for this process. But I will give you guys, your own structuring format for your own Nutrition Program.

First Thing I would do with myself or clients would be to assess them. So, that is the first step.

Step One:

Weigh yourself. Get an instructor or your personal trainer to help you with this and while your at it get your measurements done and your body fat percentage taken too. Just so you know how far you have to go and plan……… Sure drop into us at Transform Fitness®……

(Might as well promote on my own blog lol)

Step Two:

Take the weight you are in Kilograms and here is where you start,

(NOTE: This is not my formula, this is a general guideline. Please consult a doctor before ongoing on your nutritional journey.)

Whatever weight you are in kilograms, you are going to use that number as your universal ruler. For example, if you are 80 kg, 80 is your universal number.

Step Three:

Take that number and we are going to do some maths………

(NOTE: Again this is not my formula, this is a general guideline to help you on you nutritional programme construction.)

We are going to get a value for Proteins, Carbohydrates and Fats in a nutritional value for your body weight. And i will also go through each composition phase:

Bodybuilding, Maintanence & Reducing Body Fat

Now, we are going to say you are a:

Male (M), at 85 kg with 16% body fat with an average calorie intake of 2,000-2,300 cals


Female (Fe), at 70 kg with 23% body fat with an average calorie intake of 1,500-1,800 cals

For Both parties (M) & (Fe), There is an increase of food and calories so if you are going down this road, food is numbero uno. So your training will depend on the result. You can eat mountains of food but gain unnecessary weight. So lets rock with the break down.

Bodybuilding – Size

Alright, I will do this the best i can so there is no confusion.

So our (M) at 85 kg, i am going to leave it at that and try increase his mass by 5 kg

Protein (P): 85 x 2 = 170gms of protein per day = 680kCals

Carbohydrates (C): 85 x 3 = 255gms of carbohydrates per day = 765kCals

Fats (F): 85 x 1 = 85gms of fats per day = 765kCals

Total Calories = 2,210kCals

Our (Fe) at 70 kg, this is a little different due to the lack of testosterone to increase by that much muscle mass but more than likely here the (F) will get leaner more so than bigger

(P): 70 x 2 = 140gms of (P) per day = 560kCals

(C): 70 x 2.5 = 175gms of (C) per day = 700kCals

(F): 70 x 1 =70gms of (F) per day = 630kCals

Total Calories = 1,890kCals


This is a universal rule of thumb. It isn’t the Recommended Daily Allowance Guidelines (RDA) as i think every Personal Trainer would love that to be change in every country, but what can you do? This is what i’d suggest ….. and i’d say many others in the profession

(M) at 85 kg

(P): 85 x 2.5 = 213gms of (P) per day = 852kCals

(C): 85 x 2.5 (or Slightly less) = 213gms of (C) per day = 852kCals

(F): 85 x .75 = 64gms of (F) per day = 576kCals

Total Calories = 2,280

(Fe) at 70 kg

(P): 70 x 2.5 = 175gms of (P) per day = 700kCals

(C): 70 x 2 (or slightly higher) = 140gms of (C) per day = 560kCals

(F): 70 x .75 = 53gms of (F) per day = 472kCals

Total Calories = 1,732kCals

Reduce Body Fat – Leaning

This will be tough if you’re like me, i love my food, but to others it is no problem. You really ha ve to reduce the bodies intake of it’s fuel and increase your bodies of Protein to replace your calories and to repair and build muscle fiber.

Ok, (M) at 85 kg want to see some ab-ege and is at 16% body fat, so he wants to aim for 80 kg which is a drop of 6% which equals 5.1kg of body weight. here we go:

(P): 80 x 3 = 240gms of (P) per day = 720kCals

(C): 80 x 2 (but this can fluctuate between 2-2.5 depending on the person) = 160gms of (C) per day = 640kCals

(F): 80 x .5 (But this can fluctuate also between .5-.75 depending on the person) = 40gms of (F) per day = 360kCals

Total Calories = 1,720kCals

(***** Important – A High Carbohydrate Meal is very important once or twice a week on a diet like this. It helps spike the bodies natural metabolism, Helps regulates your bodies hormones and vital levels and also keeps you sane. *****)

Now, The (Fe) at 70 kg wants to see some abs too so she also wants to drop Body Fat, She wants to drop 6% of her body fat which is 4 kg of body weight.

(P): 66 x 3 = 198gms of (P) per day = 792kCals

(C): 66 x 2 (same as above (M)) = 132gms of (C) per day = 528kCals

(F): 66 x .5 (same as above (M)) = 33gms of (F) per day = 297kCals

Total Calories = 1,617kCals

(***** Important – A High Carbohydrate Meal is very important once or twice a week on a diet like this. It helps spike the bodies natural metabolism, Helps regulates your bodies hormones and vital levels and also keeps you sane. *****)


These guidelines are a broad road map for you Transformers out there looking to get an idea of what to do, what to eat, how much i should be eating, to see if Dave knows his stuff :P, etc, etc.. Everybodies personal nutritional program will need to be tweeked going through their program. Hence, why I’ve given you broad guidelines so you modify it yourself.

Guys, I really do hope this helps and if you have any questions or other things you would like brought up in topic then you can comment on this blog, e-mail me or post right onto facebook @TransformFitnessPT.

I would like to thank you all for reading this series of Transform Fitness Nutrition on And Please keep posted for the next blog entry.

Live, Love, Respect, Repeat



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