testimonialsI had heard about Transform Fitness® through friends and had previously enquired about the Transform Fitness® 12 Day Transformation Challenge®. I chose to train with David as I felt his knowledge and enthusiasm was second to none. I felt confident that he would get me to where I wanted to be. I had been training for a while, doing my own thing. Cardio and what I had thought was weight lifting. I had been a runner for a few years at this point.

At first, I did feel a little apprehensive as I had never trained this intense before but I was soon put at ease and found it a lot of fun. Although the intensity never dropped it always remained fun. When I started I didn’t really have any expectations as I had never trained this way before or for any other competition so I was very new to weightlifting. I loved my programs and I really enjoyed the fact that they changed regularly. I found them really challenging but I always looked forward to what was coming next.

I achieved more than I had initially believed I could have. David is great for keeping your focus and making you believe in yourself even when you don’t. From day 1, David knew exactly how he wanted me to train and changed it accordingly as time went on. He knew exactly what needed work and when it needed it. His knowledge and decisiveness of what I needed to achieve my goals was remarkable. I have recommended Transform Fitness® to everyone I have spoken to about my training and future goals. If he can get me where I want, he can definitely do it for anyone.

I would just like to say a massive thanks to David for believing in me and sticking by me even when I was ready to just give up. He kept me motivated and focused the whole way through my training program. I don’t think I could have gone as far as I did if it were not for him. He’s an absolutely epic trainer and his knowledge surpasses anyone I have come across before.

Claire Mumford, Transform Fitness® Elite®*

(Check out Claire’s photos in ‘Our Results’)

I saw the pictures of others who had been with Transform Fitness® including a friend (Robb H.), who recommended David of Transform Fitness® to me. I was in the gym everyday but did not see any change in my body.

My first impression of the training was that it was well organised, professional, vast experience and knowledge. Training wise, I was suprised that weight sessions were not the be all and end all. Did not expect the variation of training, the depth and also food guidance. I loved every minute of it. To the point were I hated rest day.

I got way more than expected in relation to my results. Transform Fitness® knew exactly what I wanted and how to get it. Without thinking I would recommend Transform Fitness®.

Overall, I enjoyed every aspect of my training. I enjoyed the work out’s and with David always at hand for advice.

Best 12 Weeks EVER!

Mark ‘The Batman’ Beattie, Transform Fitness® 12 Weeks Hard®*

(Check out Mark’s photos in ‘Our Results’)

I found Tranform Fitness® on the internet and I liked the results I seen. Pictures do not lie. I had no previous strength training but I was fairly fit as I run.

The training was very tough but it was all done in a friendly and fun atmosphere. There was no roaring or shouting which some people imagine personal trainers do. I was a tough, hard training programme and it did not let me down.

I found the programme very enjoyable and tough. David’s knowledge was next to none. I was very happy with the results. I wanted to gain strength, size and achieve it in a very short period of time. David knew exactly what I wanted and he knew how he was going to Transform me. Absolutely Brilliant Trainer!

I definitely would recommend Transform Fitness to a friend and I already have.

Barry O’Callaghan, Transform Fitness® 12 Weeks Hard®*

Every 1st of January I sit down and start making my New Year’s resolutions.Same happened this year…I had decided to be in my best shape when I turn 30… So, months passed by and I was doing a lot of training on my own and I cut back on eating crap food. I have noticed a bit of weight loss but my body shape hasn’t changed at all. I have seen David’s post on different social networks. I was amazed by his transformers results and pictures.

One day I asked David to check my body fat by curiosity. He had me in shock… So I have started to train harder and I managed to injure myself. That was the end… I knew I needed help… So this is how my journey started with David. I had joined the gym back in December 2008. Have done loads of different programmes with different trainer’s and they were OK, but they were only challenging until my body got used to doing them.

With David’s training, it was completely different. Just the way I expected it to be… Challenging every single time we trained together during the 12 weeks…. There was no training session with same exercises, and that is what I personally loved the most.

David nearly destroyed me every single session, but it was amazing to finish these programmes. Once I thought I had recovered from the previous session, he pushed me to my limits again. I was doing exercises I have never done before. Firstly, because I never heard of them and secondly because I never thought I was capable of doing them. I am proud to say I can do full pull ups. When I did them first my body was in bits for days but David made me believe I can do it and I did.

For people out there serious about making a change in their life, want to train with someone who takes their job seriously, someone who has the knowledge, skills and who focuses on your goals from the start, I would highly recommend David and the guys at Transform Fitness. He is an amazing trainer and in 4 words I can say HE IS THE BEST!

So, thank you David…. my life has changed…I have changed…My body has changed…And there is no greater feeling than feeling great in my body…

Anita Kontar, Transform Fitness® 12 Weeks Hard®*

(Check out Anita’s photos in ‘Our Results’)

I had seen Transform Fitness® page through a friend on Facebook and after meeting up with David, I chose to give the Transform Fitness® 12 Day Transformation Challenge® a chance. Before I started training with Transform Fitness®, I thought my training was good. I was doing weights and playing soccer but this was just completely different.

I was impressed by the knowledge of the personal trainers and passion to help you get the results you’re looking for. I honestly didn’t know what to expect as I had never received 1 on 1 training. Although the programmes were tough, they are catered for all abilities and the time flies which is great. By the time you are thinking, ‘I cannot do this exercise’. You find yourself on your last rep which is a great feeling. I was very surprised with my results I never really set myself a goal but was very happy with my results.

I cannot speak highly enough of Transform Fitness®. I have read many books about nutrition and workout plans but have never seemed to get the results I wanted. My nutrition is now what it should have been and I know now what workouts to do at home or in the gym.

I would definitely recommend Transform Fitness® to a friend if they are serious for results. I would really like to just to give a big thanks to David & Claire for pushing me and helping me achieve what I was looking for. I loved everything about the Transform Fitness® 12 Weeks Hard® program. Pushing yourself and really getting out what you put into it really shows. These guys are second to none and not for nothing , they are a great bunch of people.

Jason Lee, Transform Fitness® 12 Weeks Hard®*

(Check out Jason’s photos in ‘Our Results’)

Transform Fitness® was recommended to me by a friend in a gym, to which I was a member. My training was not structured and I was doing a lot of cardio not a lot of weights. I was really impressed with their knowledge and expertise in their field of work and that hit me the most. I wanted to get a structured programme(s) that would give me the results I was looking for.

They tailored every programme for me, to my needs and I really enjoyed them. Each programme has become more physically challenging as i progressed, with each one being more varied. So, this in itself prevents me from getting bored. I do love doing their HIIT programmes.

As a diabetic (type II), the varied programmes have helped me to keep my diabetes under control. Along with reduction of body weight and body fat. THe nutrition plans and programmes are all helping me to continue the challenge of, controlling my diabetes and to achieve my goals on a daily basis.

YES, YES, YES, I would highly recommend Transform Fitness®. Their services to become fitter and healthier are next to none. Thank you very much David & Claire for all your help, support, knowledge and expertise. I really enjoy my time at Transform Fitness® Performance Studio.

Shaheen Hussain, Transform Fitness® Performance Studio Member*

I had seen the positive gains others where getting from Transform Fitness®. I wanted to get in better shape given my age and stressful job. I was not happy with the gym I was going to as I never really got any tailored one to one training. Previously, I had done no one to one training, or had any nutritional advice. Previous gym, I paid my membership and I was left to work things out with no instruction. My first thought when I approached these guys was the excellent nutritional advice. This for me was is the biggest benefit. Great level of knowledge also. I have learnt that going to a gym is less about the equipment but about the knowledge of the trainer or the people in it. The programs are excellent as previously to this, I had done many programs that failed to impress.

Since joining Transform Fitness® I have lost 25 kilograms (55 pounds) in weight and 14% Body Fat. These guys are first class Trainers and I have and will always recommend Transform Fitness® Performance Studio.

Massarat Hussain, Transform Fitness® Performance Studio Member*

I seen Transform Fitness® on Facebook and saw all the great results and what people were achieving in such a short period of time. I needed results as soon as possible as I was going on holidays in 5 1/2 weeks time. I have always trained hard, be it in sports or in the gym (5 times a week). However, I was in a non-active rut for 3 years. I found Transform Fitness® very personal and hands on, which was very important to me. There was no fancy machines, or hard to work machines. There was just you and what these those got you to do. Which was amazing. So, from then on I knew these guys knew their stuff and it was going to be tough. No two sessions were the same. I loved that as I love new programmes, designs and challenges. They were always interesting which was very important.

I wanted to get in shape for my holidays quickly and I did. Delighted with the extent of the results have gotten in such a short time. Their knowledge was top notch. A knowledge beyond what I have ever encountered elsewhere. Particularly with nutrition, which I needed. I have recommended these guys to my work collagues, friends and to even people messaging me about my results on Facebook (some of these people I don’t even know). Thanks again to you guys at Transform Fitness®. Feeling much more confident now, body wise. Fitness has improved hugely as already.

Shane Carolan, Transform Fitness® Performance Studio Member*

After seeing the results Transform Fitness® got out of previous clients and members on the Transform Fitness® website and Facebook page, it really opened my eyes to what you could achieve if you join Transform Fitness®. I was training on and off with my local GAA team. Also averaging once to twice a week in the local gym. At Transform Fitness® I was very impressed with the studio. Plenty of room to do your workout, all the equipment you need plus the members are very friendly. The training was a step up in intensity, which I was not used to. It was tough but I enjoyed it.

I did the Transform Fitness® 12 Weeks Hard programme and it was exactly what it says it is ‘HARD’, but so worth doing. No session was ever the same and after the first two weeks you started to see your results. while doing the Transform Fitness® 12 Weeks Hard I lost 10.6kg (23.32lbs) and went from over 23% body fat to 11.48% body fat. I wouldn’t of gotten these results anywhere else and I could not be happier with my results. The guys at Transform Fitness® knew exactly what I wanted to achieve, which was to lose weight and gain more strength. Through the programme they set me up with, I have a achieved just that. I would recommend anyone of any fitness level to give Transform Fitness® a visit. They will get the best out of you.

I would like to thank David, Claire and David G. for all their help in getting me to where I wanted to be. I would not of been able to do it without their help at Transform Fitness®.

Paul Sharkey, Transform Fitness® 12 Weeks Hard*

I had previously done two programs with Transform Fitness® and achieved the results that I wanted. This time I knew I only had a certain amount of time to achieve my goal, I knew by choosing Transform Fitness®, that I would reach my goal within this time frame. I also find it easier to stay focused while on a program such as the 12 weeks hard rather than training on my own.

I had previously been to Transform Fitness® 3 years ago to build muscle and get bigger, when I left Transform Fitness® I kept training on and off in a similar way to what I had been doing with David but with less consistency due to college.

It was different from what I had been used to. It was my first time training in the Transform Fitness® Performance Studio and I found that I was doing a lot of new exercises which I would not have previously performed in a gym, this helped to keep the program interesting. Training at the start was tough but I found as I repeated exercises after the first week or 2 they were starting to become easier.

It was similar to what I expected, it was tough at the start but following the diet made each week easier. As expected I was assessed every 4 weeks and any necessary adjustments were made to my program or diet to ensure I continued to make progress.

I liked the Transform Fitness® 12 Weeks Hard, I started off with the intention of losing body fat but the exercises I was doing also meant I was becoming fitter as the weeks went on which was a bonus. The exercises were adjusted as I improved which kept it interesting. I feel like I achieved the goals which I set out to achieve at the start.

The Transform Fitness® staff knew I had been training before and understood that I wanted to lose body fat but still maintain the muscle I had built up so that I could maintain a healthy weight. This meant they focused on fat loss more than the amount of weight I was losing which helped me reach my goal. Once you are prepared to work with Transform Fitness®, follow their advice and plans you will achieve your targets.

Cian McCann, Transform Fitness® 12 Weeks Hard*

My friend was going to Transform Fitness® and I had seen the really great results she was getting. I had never been fit as all I really did was walk 3-4 times per week. I really liked the intimate classes, there wasn’t mountains of people in the class and the attention each trainer gave to each individuals technique. Love the variety of the classes. No two classes are the same.

I am much fitter, more toned and I have lost excess fat that I needed to lose. The knowledge of the trainers are very instintive and are very aware of each individuals needs. I would absolutely recommend Transform Fitness® to anyone. I love Transform Fitness®, I really look forward to every class.

Kate Tyaransen, Transform Fitness® Assault*

I had just finished the 2015 GAA season and was looking for something extra to add to my general strength and fitness for the 2016 GAA season. I had missed a year of training previous to 2015 so had spent most of that season playing catch up instead of making gains. The GAA club decided to collectively join Transform Fitness® after referrals from previous members.

We, (the GAA club) met the team at Transform Fitness® mid-November who outlined the plans on offer. The tailored S & C programme, monthly measurements and personalized diet plan made it unique from other generic gyms out there. Too often I had joined gyms and stuck to the same programs designed by people who hadn’t thought about it.

After seeing previous members results online and hearing feedback from other members, I knew with the programme designed for me and if I approached it right, I could achieve my goals. David was straight but fair at the first assessment saying the programme will be put in place for me but it is ultimately up to me to follow it. The programme was 5 out of 5 if I was going on a ratings system. The programmes are designed at the beginning of each month with your goal inputs taking into consideration. As it is a new programme each month, I never feel I am getting bored doing the same exercises over a continued period.

I achieved want I wanted and more but the programme was only one element to me achieving my result. The guidance with my diet helped me surpass targets I had previously set. These results have also helped me on the GAA field feeling fresher, stronger and quicker. Their knowledge was great – Again when I had approached the Transform Fitness® team with the requirement for building on a certain area of my strength, the programme and diet was tailored to meet these.

I would recommend Transform Fitness® and I already have. Most have either joined or are in the process of joining. If I can achieve the results which I have reached in the past 4 months, I look forward to reviewing this testimonial sheet in 4 more.

Alan Kelly, Transform Fitness® Member and Dunsany GAA Team*

Transform Fitness® had a great reputation and lots of people made great results through these guys. I also wanted to increase my knowledge in Physical Fitness. My training before was good but I realised I wasn’t training each body part to the fullest in order to see and feel the gains I wanted and I also wasn’t eating enough to optimise my results. I thought that the training style was very unique and way more benifical, as it incorporated more muscles into every movement. I expected to achieve my goals and hopefully to compete in my first bodybuilding competition. To get the right guidance and help also. My programmes were very particular, unique and with some exercises I’ve never heard of before or seen, were well demonstrated.

I’m only half way through my journey to competiting in a bodybuilding competition. So far, I am very happy with all my gains and looking forward to the rest of the journey. I found David’s knowledge excellent and he has lots of experience in this area which is why I ultimately chose Transform Fitness®. I will absolutely, without a doubt, recommend Transform Fitness® to anyone. And thank you very much David for all your help.

James Fay, Transform Fitness® Elite®*

(Check out James’ photos in ‘Our Results’)

I heard about Transform Fitness® from friends and I saw the amazing results they got. It was an easy choice because I wasn’t pushing myself as hard as I could have. I like the atmosphere while training with Transform Fitness®. Their clients were pleasant and friendly. They were all determined to help and keep me motivated. I just wanted to lose weight and tone up but I did not expect to lose what I did with Transform Fitness in such a short time. I lost 15 kg in 1 and a half months. That was a huge surprise. The programmes were difficult at the start but when I when I started, I never knew how far I have come in that time.

I definitely got more than I wanted from my first day starting with Transform Fitness®. I don’t think I would of gotten as far or be as happy with the results if I hadn’t made the decision to join Transform Fitness®. I have and already recommended Transform Fitness® to everyone I see. It was just an amazing time and experience. I would like to thank Transform Fitness®, David and everyone else that helped me this far.

Dijana Bodlovic*

(Check out Dijana’s photos in ‘Our Results’)

Transform Fitness® was recommended to me by my brother. As I needed to lose weight and my training was before joining was nil. When I started with David, and the Transform Fitness® 12 Day Transformation Challenge®, it was tough but very very good. I expected tougher that it would completely turn me off and fear training but David made it easy-ish and great to do.

I lost 40 pounds (2 stone 12 pounds) with David of Transform Fitness® in 6 weeks and now I feel like I want to train compared to I really don’t want to train. I thought David’s knowledge was excellent. He took every thought and aspiration I had into consideration while training me. I have and I will always recommend Transform Fitness® to anyone that needs help. I think what Transform Fitness® has done for me was miraculous. He used my strengths and weaknesses to mould me into ‘I wanna be fit’, kinda person. He actually saved my life.

Danny Fitzpatrick*

I have seen the amazing results of the Transform Fitness® client’s that I had to give this a go. My training was average before but Transform Fitness® really tweaked and refined the finer points to training and also to my program. And also their personal nutrition plan for me was just so easy.

My first impressions were that it was a personal and very professional. And to be far I only expected the best. I got it. The programme’s were well put together no room for excuses.

I definitely got the results I wanted and their knowledge and experience cannot be touched. It was exactly what I wanted.

I have most definitely recommended David and the other guys at Transform Fitness® and all I have to say is ‘Cheers David!’

Robb Hirtes*

I choose Transform Fitness® 2 years ago. I had spent a solid year in the gym, with many trainers, diets and programs. That contradicted each other and had minimal results. I use to do a full body workout, 5 days a week. Which was doing nothing more but giving my muscles and joints, aches and pains.

My first day with Transform Fitness® was Leg Day. And let’s just say that it was an experience that I, nor my legs will forget any time soon. It was a great feeling and the following results were amazing.

I was expecting to do just some beginner/basic exercises as I was very skinny and by no means big. But for once, we skipped the non-sense and went straight into a program so affective, I still use it to this day, 2 years later. The programs were, short, intense but extremely effective. I would be in and out of the gym in the hour. And David was always around to give me new tips and encouragement.

The results were amazing. My goal was to get into shape for holidays but between studying for the Leaving Certificate, the gym could only be a small part of my life. I could only afford to spend 3 hours a week. So when I went to the gym, my workouts had to be as intense as possible. A lot of my friends gave up on the gym this year because of the leaving certificate. These workouts got me through the week and I felt that they made me better prepared and ready for anything.

The gym and my diet never affect my social life. The diets were restricted but never stopped me from having a Pizza on Friday. David really does understand your body, but educates you to understand what you can eat and do to achieve your results.

Thomas Breen*

(Check out Thomas’ photos in ‘Our Results’)

I choose Transform Fitness® purely from seeing the results of previous client’s. I always thought I was fairly athletic before starting with David but I wanted to give it a try. My first impressions of Transform Fitness® was that it was a very professional approach to hard training. Not the everyday generic training you get from other personal trainers. As a physical therapist, I was very impressed with how well David explained how to perform each exercise safely.

As I said previously, It is a professional approach to hard training so I was expecting the training to be tough but not as tough as it was. You never see the hard exercises, you just see yourself finishing them. And I think that is the huge difference with Transform Fitness® and the rest of the crowd. They are not afraid to show you, and get you through the session. No matter how hard it is. where as the others will always want the easy life. Watch YouTube and copy others for the easy money. These guys do their work and are proud of it. That’s why they are followed and copied. As they are The Best!

I got amazing results and I really can’t wait for the next part of my program. David’s knowledge is untouched. He knew exactly what I was looking for and tailored every program to tailor me perfectly. I would always recommend Transform Fitness® to anyone and to all my client’s. There is no one better in my eye’s.

Gavin Yore, Transform Fitness® 12 Weeks Hard®*

(Check out Gavin’s photos in ‘Our Results’)

I chose Transform Fitness® as they were recommended to me by a friend. I like to think that I’m quite fit as I exercise everyday doing a mixture of cardio, resistance, H.I.I.T.’s, etc. My first impression of these guys were that they knew how to challenge and push you. Even though some of the sessions I thought were quite intense they were well balanced and they knew your strengths and weakness very early on to know when you get you.

I was looking to increase my fitness level while dropping body fat, which I found hard to move with other trainers. To increase my strength and of course to have a toned body at the end of it. I loved the variation of the programmes everyday. You never knew what you were doing with them but they motivated you through your session and I can tell you their ab days are challenging.

Their knowledge of fitness is very impressive. Their exercises, techniques, detail in movement was extraordinary. Nutrition plans day to day were to the ‘T’. to the amount of water, vitamins, minerals and food to take in at certain times. It has really helped.

I would recommend no one else only these guys. If you want results and are willing…… these guys are it. It can get a bit infectious I do have to say. Well done guys. Keep it up.

Mary Carty, Transform Fitness® 12 Weeks Hard®*

(Check out Mary’s photos in ‘Our Results’)

I chose Transform Fitness® as I needed a plan that I could do which wouldn’t affect my asthma and help me control it. The times suited my work habits, which was great as I wasn’t restricted to a set time. Before Transform Fitness®, I was training 3/4 times per week but never shifted my belly and I never had nutritional advice, which I think is necessary when doing any training plan. I found Transform Fitness® very professional and efficient, the total package of nutrition and training.

I really didn’t know what to expect with these guys, but I knew it was nothing like what I’ve done before. They were great, and they never failed to push me, if I didn’t fancy my plan I knew I could always ask the guys for a quick program from them or do Genesis or Assault plans.

I have had massive losses and gained great shape and muscle. I’m the fittest and most toned I’ve ever been before. Their knowledge was untouched as any time I levelled off, they would always tweak my training and nutrition before I even said it to them.

Without a doubt I would recommend Transform Fitness® to anyone and have done since I started. They are the best value for money I’ve gotten from training as it works. The encouragement and achievements from Transform Fitness® is great. I have never been put down with these guys, even after a bad week of training and nutrition, I was always built up and encouraged to be a better me. And I thank them for that alone!

Ross Williams, Transform Fitness® Performance Studio Member*

I’ve been with Transform Fitness® before and I’ve always come back when I have felt like I needed to up my game. I knew I’d get results here. I was doing 2 to 3 sessions per week in a gym before getting back to Transform Fitness®. The training is tough at Transform Fitness® but well worth it. You push yourself to get though it but feel great after getting through each session. I think I’ve already surpassed my expectations or at least my first ones of what to expect from these guys. I’ve new goals in mind and well on my way to getting them on the Transform Fitness® Genesis programme.

Transform Fitness® Genesis is challenging but you can do them, especially with a bit of a push from David! The training is different each session so it never gets boring. challenging but never boring, which is great! I’m happy that I am well on my way to my new goal from my last assessment as bigger targets lie ahead. One thing I get of these guys, is that they want you to succeed. They keep checking in with you through the programmes to see how you feel about your goals. They see progress but they want to make sure you feel what they see. I would definitely recommend Transform Fitness® and Genesis to antone and everyone. Keep up the great work, TF!

Sean Flanagan, Transform Fitness® Genesis*

A friend of mine told me about Transform Fitness and then seen some of their rsults on Facebook and there website. My training was ok before hand but nothing stable. Very up and down in all aspects. My first impression of Transform Fitness and their studio was that it was a nice, open, and friendly place with great trainers. It felt like a great place to train as they were very helpful. I lost over 4 Stone (60 pounds / 27.3kg), I wanted to tone up and knowledge to help me.

The program they gave was very good. It was like nothing I have ever done before. After the first month there was a huge change in my fitness and physique. It was working the way I wanted. They knew what i wanted. I keep telling people about this place, it is just class! It is a great place to be and they have a team that will help you no matter what.

Keith Nelson, Transform Fitness® Performance Studio Member*

I chose Transform Fitness® after seeing the great results from their photos they posted on Facebook and website about the 12 Weeks Hard® Programme. I was doing no training before I joined Transform Fitness®. ZERO.

My first impression of Transform Fitness® was how friendly and professional the trainers were. The training was a severe shock to the body when I first started. I expected it to be tough and at some stage get a bit easier but it never did. Every session was different from the previous one and never got easier but the reps got greater in numbers.

I thought it was brilliant. The 12 Weeks Hard®, from beginning to end was amazing. The training, the monthly assessments, and the food plan that was put together for me was just what I was looking for. I got more than I wanted. I was unhappy with my unhealthy lifestyle before I started in Transform Fitness®. Now I feel more energetic and feel fantastic.

They took every consideration with me, from my goals to becoming fitter and leaner. They really moulded this programme around me so it would suit me and my day to day life. I would highly recommend Transform Fitness® to a friend. To be honest, I am telling everyone. This place is what everyone needs.

Colin Yore, Transform Fitness® 12 Weeks Hard®*

I chose Transform Fitness® because I was not seeing results or physical changes in the gym I was going to. When I met David I was very impressed with his positive response, knowledge and instant action plan.

I did a lot of cardio work prior to joining with Transform Fitness®. Going to classes in the gym such a spinning, step and moderate intensity weight and toning classes. I felt fitter but I wasn’t seeing major results. I really didn’t know what to expect. I had always been shy with weight training in the gym and thought that I wouldn’t be able to do it but David’s positive, direct and hard work attitude transformed my thinking. David’s detail to exercises, experience and motivation throughout the sessions was exemplary.

When I got started with Transform Fitness® I liked the positive and professional atmosphere of the training studio and how each day was a completely different training session. Which meant I never got bored or tired of doing the same thing. The type of training I did was not like nothing I had done before. The combination of weight lifting, HIIT training, cardio and body weight exercises left me feeling exhausted but fitter and stronger.

I enjoyed my 12 sessions, every day was different and every session presented a new challenge, I was definitely being push out of my comfort zone. It was intense but I always left felling so much fitter, energetic, toned and of course, sore. David noticed every aspect of how I trained and adjusted areas where needed and along with delivering the programme to me, he taught me how to correctly manipulate exercises and weights.

I was very happy with me results – body fay decreased, inches were lost, muscles became more defined and toned. Overall, I felt 100 times fitter and stronger. David was extremely clear from day one. During my consultation he listened to everything I said, he took it all on board and within a short period of time, he had a diet and fitness programme made out, ready to be started. It’s like he could read my mind, he knew what I wanted and helped me achieve it.

I would definitely recommend Transform Fitness® to a friend. Thank you David and Claire for transforming my body, my training and my lifestyle.

Alisha Ruane, Transform Fitness® Personal Training*

I chose Transform Fitness® I had seen their amazing results they had achieved with their members and clients on Facebook. I did very like training before joining with Transform Fitness®, I would start and very quickly lose my drive and give up. I was very impressed with the studio, as there was so much room to train with the guys and members could do their programmes without any disruption. there was someone always there to keep an eye on you and if you needed extra help or tips, the team was always there to help. I found the training tough but enjoyable as every session was different.

I got the result I wanted in the short time I was with Transform Fitness®. I lost over 28 pounds (2 Stone). I have become a fitter and healthier. The knowledge that these guys have at Transform Fitness® was amazing. They knew how to train me for my goals. Anything I had to ask about my training or nutrition, they explained everything in great detail.

I would like to thank David, Claire And David G. for all their help, as without their help i would of never got what I wanted.

Martin McCabe, Transform Fitness® Personal Training*

*Please note: There is no guarantee of specific results and results may vary from person to person based on body size and other factors.

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