This plan really is the back bone of Transform Fitness. After running this plan for the first time in 2009, the results have been just amazing and now we base most of our plans off this template in Transform Fitness. In fact, that is how the name was born. From the transformations.
The 12 Weeks Hard is designed to tone, sculpt and build your dream physique. A set program plan with a 3-phase nutrition plan to keep your body evolving through the entire 12 weeks.
Each day is completely different and you never repeat the same training day twice. Choose from 2-5 days training and get the full ‘transformation’ experience with the Transform Fitness 12 Weeks Hard.
On completion of this plan, you will receive a ‘I Earned This (Bear)’ T-shirt!

What Does The Plan Include?

  • Personal profile
  • Full Body Assessment (at the start and monthly)
    • Body weight
    • Body measurements
    • Body fat percentage
  • Monthly assessment with result breakdown
    (face to face and via text after assessment)
  • Nutritional intervention
  • The Transform Fitness – 12 Weeks Hard Training
    • Predesigned training plans
    • Personalised nutrition plan
    • Home training plan (after 2 weeks from start date)
  • Phase by phase before and after photos

Price List

Day(s) Training /wkPrices
2 Days (24)€720 (€30/Session)
3 Days (36)€900 (€25/Session)
4 Days (48)€1,050 (€21.8/Session)
5 Days (60)€1,200 (€20/Session)

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