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Day 19: Feeling It!

Posted by David McCabe on May 31 2013 @ 22:11

Good day guys,

I hope you all had a great day. Today I took off for personal reasons but yesterday I was feeling it. I was feeling the pressure of what I was doing. Guys, I run a business and trying to do my best to help everyone I can. I had to talk someone out of staying close to the gym for 2 weeks so they could get sessions with me, and they were from Donegal. I’ve people’sending me messages from the U.S., Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, and closer to home sligo, mayo, cork, limerick, wexford to name just a few. I only wish I could help you all and some day I will but yesterday, I was feeling it.

I was in my head with business, family, friends and politics of an issue and I really felt like throwing in the towel. On the training, the diet, even work for a wee while but I rang a friend on my way home from work that I haven’t spoken to since his wedding day and I have to say this guy and myself were best friends from the age of 12. And no matter when I ring him we’re 12 again and i’m 27. He got me out of my head with some ridiculous banter and jokes that only fools like us would get. After scheduling a meet I got off the phone and rang someone else.

This person has been very strong for me over the past year and I rang as I knew when I’m on my knees this person can really make me understand my strength when I feel I’ve none. I’m a huge fan of being your own number one fan. But ever since my rock passed away, trying to be on top on your own is hard so that is why having people like that around is always great to have. And to you two guys really helped me and for that this day really helped me place everything in a row.

Basically, the moral of this blog is simple. You are only as strong as the people around you. No man is an island.


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Day 18: No Limits

Posted by David McCabe on May 30 2013 @ 22:23

What a day it was today,

The sun was shining, sky was clear and people were in flying form. It was great to see and everyone walking, playing, windows down driving listen to their favorite tunes. Summer has come.

I love my mornings. I’m a morning people and when it comes to the gym rush there is always the 2 mad ones that you can hear from the other end of the gym jawing and laughing. there always a bit of craic and this shout out is because they gave out to me this morning over the ‘2 of my favorite girls’ comment. You know who you are!

This blog with be about what was said to me one of the day when I was chatting to a member about my weight loss in 2 days. It was ‘but you are a professional, we couldn’t do that!’. Now again I am not condoning that anyway should lose that much weight in such a short pass of time but I’m going to look at it as goal achieving……. Why couldn’t you?

Am I different to you? Am I just holding back on secrets that no one knows? How does it make a different to anyone else?

I have a goal set and I am doing what I know to achieve it. It really doesn’t matter if your a beginner, novice, intermediate, advanced, marathon runner, cyclist, bodybuilder, etc. If you’ve a goal you work towards. I may have the knowledge and the experience but I still have something to achieve. I’m doing what’s best for me and whats best for my body. That is what we do as personal trainers for our clients…… We do the exact same to ourselves. We plan our sessions. I’ve mine planned, just like if you were a client of mine. I do want you ask and we do our best to get there. Everyone can do this. Everyone.

I wrote a program up on the whiteboard at work today and called it ‘Everyone’ Workout. I wanted to see who would go for it. You actually wouldn’t believe the attention it got but it came with the same comment ‘I can’t do that!’. My reply was ‘Why not, Everyone can do it! Everyone’. You mind controls what you do. If you say you do not want to put your hand in the fire, you won’t. As I say to my clients regularly, you leave yourself behind at the door when you come in, and you pick it up when you leave. You create what you do. If you want to do 50 Pull ups. Go do it. Don’t think, DO. There are no limits to what you can do. Trust me, I’ve been on both sides of it, too big – too skinny, and labels and limits on each. I live life without a personal limit. I push until there is nothing else left. I know my strengths but I definitely know my weaknesses, but the trick is to embrace them and make them your strengths. No limits, No restrictions, No excuses. Just you being the best you can be.

Live, love, respect, repeat

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Day 17: The Lion……..

Posted by David McCabe on May 29 2013 @ 22:15

Happy Wednesday Everyone,
I hope you all had a great mid-week as the weather surely would of had you in a great humor. But you really don’t think of that at 5am in the morning. My first thought was honestly, ‘I don’t want to train today!’. I was immediately thinking of my resistance session today. This program has been planned for weeks so I know what’s coming and one thing in my head is there is a lot of muscles still angry at me from what I done to them on Monday so they really gave me an ear full this morning when I told myself after than thought ‘I tell you what to do, not the other way around. You will train today and it will be epic.’

I got up, in to do my morning ritual, packed my gear and out the door again for the day. Guys, I love my job, I seriously do but a bit more sleep wouldn’t go a miss you know.

Driving to work my mind was in thought, this is a usual thing to me, but this morning it was focused on an issue that cropped up yesterday. This issue was in my head and still was this morning. My thought process, much like a lot of other people would be, how do I solve this? Can you completely overcome adversity and negativity? And then I thought, of a film I seen many times, but haven’t seen in a while, but instead of blocking it off, you embrace it as it is and that you are stronger than that, If you only will yourself to be and not get pulled into it. Think of it as your in Jurassic Park and the T-Rex can’t see you unless you move…… but you are still present in that situation and usually scared, frightened and dying to run for your life but if you stand your ground, you can do more than you think. And that was not the film I was thinking of.

And a great quote that came to mind was:
‘The Lion does not concern himself with the opinions of Sheep!’

This quote speaks volumes, and basically states don’t waste time worrying about what others think or may think of you. As long as you know who you are and that you are a good person any other comments outside that don’t concern you. Not in the slightest.

I busted into the gym with a body full of fuel and ready to use it. Clients started early again this morning and straight after some cardio. After weighing myself today I was 109.8kg. We are back to getting under 110kg after a mad weekend of missed meals and added cheats. That is a full 11 kilos down. With 9.8kg to go. I was silently really happy with my achievement and I was dying to get my session on later in the day. Fast forward onto my break and I just couldn’t stop yawning. I had to run a few bits and pieces to do then back in to train.

This session on paper, to me, was nothing that I haven’t done before and definitely nothing that I wouldn’t of done anyway but seeing a total of 600 repetitions to do I was not looking forward to it after feeling tired and with a belly full of chicken. But I started. I isolated myself for the gym floor and went into the studio, just for the reason that failure is more than likely going to be an option and while doing a press up, a face plant with definitely be on the cards. I got through my first few exercises OK. Pacing myself for the time giving. 40 minutes and make sure you don’t burn out. But when it got to my last 3 exercises I wanted nothing more than a bucket of water to be thrown over me. I was red hot and the sweat was falling like a tap. The last 3 really pushed the boat out on me with a crescendo of muscle fatigue hitting harder every rep. I left the studio to finish my last exercise. Dead hang mid width pull ups. And it was not 1 or 5 oh no, this is Transform Fitness®, this s+*ts for beasts, this is 50 reps of the hated things and THIS IS SPARTA…….. sorry had to put that in there.

50 reps. Full pull ups. Dead hang. Wide grip. Chest to the bar. And definitely NO KIPPING. Kipping is cheating no matter what way you look at it. I don’t cheat, never liked cheating myself so the old fashioned way suits me best…… It worked for the terminator, it’ll work for me. Anyway, these were torture. I started doing 2 blocks of 7 so just 14 pull ups after 550 reps of other exercises I still thought that was a bit crap. My grip started to fade before the 24th rep so grips were used but this did not help the motion of the exercise. It got to a stage were 1 rep was my backs worst nightmare. I slowly climbed to 50 and walked away to cool down. As I walked I felt my back took on a life of it’s own. As if to say ‘Good Luck Dave!, I’m Out of Here.’ It completely widened as I walked on the treadmill to where it looked like wings, and that must of been a queue for the rest of the muscles used. My chest and shoulders just started to beat with the blood flowing through it and that was what I was looking for. Needed a shower so off I went.

Finishing with my last client I went over to chat to 2 of my favorite girls in gym to which it is always a laugh with a bit of conversation thrown in. Before leaving I chatted to 3 new clients, set dates and off I went.

On the drive home as I was eating my chicken. I thought of something and laughed. The saying ‘I am a machine!’, ‘become a machine.’ I’m laughing because, why would you want to be a machine……… Machines breakdown. And I will say I’m not a machine, I’d like to think I’m more. And so should you!

That’s All Folks


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Day 16: Aut Vincere, Aut Mor

Posted by David McCabe on May 28 2013 @ 21:48

Good Evening Folks,

Today was no different than the others to start only that I ran out of Vitamin C and Zinc as I forgot to get them, and just like now typing this, realizing I forgot them again…….. gggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrr. Typical. My head seems to have a hole in it and nothing seems to stay in these days.

Off I went but as I got up, I did fail to mention, the amount of pain I was experiencing……… From 2 months of not training to lifting body weight dead lifts for 50 reps and 60 kg Clean and Press for 50 reps just to mention a few, was nothing shy of, one: a miracle I didn’t drop dead and two: nothing short of madness but as I was told this morning walking in the door, ‘do you not stop??????? You’re a monster!’ I live my life like I always have, I work hard, do my best and push when I can to improve myself then develop.

Working a long one again today, as usual…. to which I’m not complaining, 6am to 8:30pm with 2 hour slots to get my training done. Normal day. Trained my 1-1’s, my 12 day’ers, my 12 week’ers and myself. But there was a thought that ran through my head today.

I was thinking of my father today due to something that came up today at work I’d to sort out and what would he do but as I was training my families motto ran through my head. The McCabe family motto, and I know there are many different clans of McCabe’s but this one is ours,

‘Aut Vincere, Aut Mori’.

It is Latin for ‘To Conquer, To Die’ or written translation ‘To Conquer or To Die’. And as I was training everything washed away. Anything that came up or comes up in my day or days to come, It’ll be alright, as I know if it doesn’t kill me, I will damn sure conquer it. Everything I’ve aimed for I’ve worked hard to get and that is what makes me a happy and humble person as I write this blog. I’m training right now for a goal for myself. I am documenting it for me, my clients, fans and anyone in the fitness industry interested in what I’m doing. You may think what you want of me but do what you will, I know who I am and where I’m going. And if you don’t like that, that’s cool. But I know this, if I said I’m doing it, and if I’m still walking, it will be done.

Good night folks
See you guys tomorrow


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Day 15: A Change Has Come

Posted by David McCabe on May 27 2013 @ 19:12

My cheat day was yesterday but my diet was all over the shop from Saturday, by having a swift nap that lasted 2 hours. Which put me behind a meal, to eat a satrter and a main at a meal I was at Saturday night. And Sunday, I just wasn’t hungry so I had my steak and I was busting. And really couldn’t think of eating until mid afternoon to where I had my cheat and after that I fell asleep again……. I know what you all maybe thinking, ‘I think this guy’s a narcoleptic!?’ But I’m not. With my hours last week I just had to catch up on sleep. But the down side to that is I slept in on going to the cinema. But when I awoke, I was ravenous. I was like a Bear hunting food and I’d no food prepared so I ordered a pizza to share. I had 6 slices of a large pizza as another cheat. And to me, eating 6 slices is better than my eating of the whole pizza, some wedges, a bit of garlic bread and probably 2 litres of Sprite before this challenge…… no problem I might add. But I stopped at my natural limit and was happy with what I ate as my cheat. Then went straight to bed again. Madness.

I woke up this morning felling grogy but I got a great sleep. Grogy from the food not lack of sleep. And it was an awful morning with rain. Had my early shift to do still so back on the routine and also thought of changing for cheat meal next week. Had my usuals this morning then ascended the stairs to heaven. 45 minutes on the stair master with a change in intensity. Weighed in this morning 2.6kg heavier than Friday. So that would make it 112.6kg. To which i’m happy about with the food i ate the weekend.

Had the rest of my clients then had my break at 1pm and that meant one thing to me……… After 2 months ‘it was time to train’. I warmed up on the treadmill, incline 15 for 12 minutes. Then set up my session. It was an old program I designed about 4 years ago. It was actually one of the programs, out of over 600 designed personal programs, that were stolen on me when I was away on holidays this year. I had the tablet set on a stop watch and it was time to begin, 40 minutes to do a mountain of work.

I got to 10 minutes and I was soaking, I mean rain falling from my forehead it was mad. This stuff should of never been put in the cabinet. I mean, I worked everything and all to failure and pure exhaustion. Coming to the end I’d about 40 seconds to finish with one whole exercise to end this in time. I tore into the exercise like my life depended on it and hit the clock……. 1 minute 41 seconds over. I was sickened but I didn’t care nearly passed out on the floor.

Got cleaned up, fed myself, charged my phone for the second time, answered e-mails, made phone calls and finished my final clients. As I drove home, I was kinda feeling deflatted as I felt guilty over the cheat meal yesterday and that i was 2 kilos heavier at the end of the day. But I just thought I still should be damn proud of what I’ve done regardless. This week marked a change in training, cardio, highly intensify my body resistive and dynamic sessions and introduce my renegade sessions. I’m going to enjoy this and see what happens.

I going to close on this. To everyone who has supported me and took an interest in their health and fitness through either DMC Fitness® or now Transform Fitness® I would like to say thank you and that I really appreciate everything I have.

And to everyone else……….. Evolution is coming!



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Day 14: An Early One

Posted by David McCabe on May 26 2013 @ 11:47

Good Morning All

I didn’t get much sleep last night so I will do this blog now as I may not know how to spell my name after 6pm. I really don’t intend on doing much today only I may go to the cinema and enjoy my cheat meal as it is that, oh joyous of days.

After my breakfast and really needing water today from the slight change of calorie and nutrient intake yesterday but I feel great.

I would also like to take the time to say thank you to everyone for all your support, kind words and understanding. It’s a challenge and a lifestyle change and I hope I can inspire more to do the same.

Happy Sunday


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Day 13: The Fear

Posted by David McCabe on May 26 2013 @ 10:56

Good Day Everyone,

The title of this blog usually refers to the feeling you get after a night out on ‘the tear’, and you really can’t remember what happened. Where You Were, who you were with, who you are, who you thought you were, did you really think doing a John Travolta impression on the dance floor, really made a big hit with the ladies????? But in my fear its to do with what everyone hates when training or dieting……… the fear of cravings.

It started off very well my Saturday, trained 12 Day’er’s, had my mountain of steak for breakfast, did a bit of work on marketing, promotion and client work, then sort of chilled. I went for a walk in the mountains with the dogs, all uphill. It was a great day for it and the dogs were loving the open space. I was thinking when I got back I had to have meal 2 of my Saturday. Got home, had it shiftly then hit a slump so I decided to have a sleep after my shower. I slept for 2 hours and with not even preparing my next meal and having to go to a birthday meal I had my final meal early which was a bowl of cereal but then it hit……… THE FEAR.

I wanted a kick…….. now some might say ‘up the bum’ but it wasn’t that I was looking for. I was grogy and not the best after that nap. I wouldn’t of had the stomach for black coffee at that moment but I seen some jelly worms. I’m sorry to say but I caved and had 3….. I know it’s only 3 but from having none to having only 3 is big with me. I would of ate the bag of them but it wouldn’t of been worth. I went and got ready and drove straight to the meal.

Now, here was the test, could I go out and eat healthy when out with friends and family at a meal? I had a starter of chicken and went off the menu and had steak with pepper sauce and a coffee to finish. Even though I was stuffed, I chose my meals and the restaurant acommodated for my needs and it can be done the same for you. Ended the night with a chill session on the couch and watching a bit of a film. Great night, Great food, Good company and 3 worms.

Enjoy your weekend


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Day 12: The Battle Begins

Posted by David McCabe on May 24 2013 @ 20:40

Today started the same, up early, ever ready and gone. Straight through from 6am to 2pm. Long run but well use to it. Training at 2pm and last client at 3:30pm to finish at 4:30pm. I was actually excited today. For two reasons…..

One: I was finished early on a bloody friday! oh yeah!

And two: I lost 10 kilograms in 11 days……. 10 kilograms. 22 pounds in 11 Days. 1 Stone 8 Pounds in 11 Days……… 11 days.

I’m over half way there in reaching my goal. But then I got thinking, this changes next week. I’ve constructed a program that I wrote out while I was recovering from a shattered ankle. It was a long three months. With nothing else to do I contructed a way in which I was going to get right back into everything after my rehabilitation. It’s just like my Transformation Program (12 Days), This is a Transform Fitness only program. Designed, perfected and tested by me and I’m glad I can say that, as there are too many out there that can’t say that. But one thing is for certain, the gym today was in for a beginners version of my program with a twist.

Hour after hour, clients walked in and fell out but I’d a client cancel on me today and I decided……… ‘It’s On!’ I went straight outside took the battle rope out of my car, alone with a heavy duty chain and a stopwatch, out into the carpark. I got everything set up, put the headphones in, turned the volume of ‘Master of Puppets’ up and pushed start. I did a mad session of ply metric, dynamic and cardiovascular shock training. While I was training, and the beauty of this program, my body could keep going without you wanting to stop. Honestly, but when or if you do, you find out very quickly why it’s called ‘shock training’. I had gym members doing a boot camp class, gym users, coffee drinkers and the reception team staring out the windows at the madness and a few took photos and videos of my session. When I stopped to tidy up I was fine, chatting to clients who came outside and I walked into the gyms. As my heart rate returned to normal, I literally was buzzing and I became a river. The sweat just fell out of me. With other clients to see. ooopppps.

2pm came so my break and cardio session got done before my last client. When all was over, I grabbed my stuff and out the door. Driving home I was exhausted. I became very tired so I chilled for an hour on the couch watching the tube and petting the bear. Got up then and finished work I had to tackle during the week before the weekend. After that, my other 2 meals, lodgements, calls, emails, texts and thoughts running through my head that had to be done. Sitting down now writing this blog sipping a glass of dry Chardonnay to celebrate……. I know. Hold me back. But I also thought how will I celebrate my weight lose, my achievement? Well, someone thought to buy me a gift for my achievement and I thought that this gift was just so cool and so deep felt that it was the best t-shirt ever. She said ‘It’s You! And You Deserve It!’ ……. Thank You x

Live, Love, Respect, Repeat



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Day 11: Perfect Ten

Posted by David McCabe on May 23 2013 @ 18:31

Watching a mad dream in my head this morning and then shot up out of bed. ‘Damn, I’ve slept in!’. My phone shut off in the middle of the night and never sounded the alarm to ‘kick-ass’, I flicked the tablet on and it was 5:10am. Thanks body clock for the epic save. Up I flew into the kitchen, multi’s down, coffee, food, water and gone. I was very tired last night. Very cranky, moody like a pre-teen and had work to do. So got to bed early and I was a bit sleepy but I felt good. And little did I know I would be thanking my body again today.

I was driving in and my morning client was feeling sick so 6am to 7am was free so, it was time to hit the stairs. Did my 45 mins on the death machine and trained my next client. After that I snuck into check on my weight before the next. I wasn’t expecting much as I gained weight yesterday. I stood on and looked forward dreading to see what’s there. 110.9KG….. 10KG gone in 11 days. A perfect 10. I was 120.9KG starting on the 13th of May and now I’m 110.9KG on the 23rd. Oh yeah. 22lbs gone. 1 stone 8 pounds disappeared. I was that excited I went ‘WOOOOOO’ and scared a woman close to the assessment room and of course I apologised.

But that has stayed with me all day. Unbelievable feeling. It was no easy task. It was a lot of pain steaking hours of training and sticking to my diet. New clients anf also decided to collect and double up some clients to get home early. So that’s what I did. I’m off home now and disconnecting from work until 6am. Until then

Have a good one


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Day 10: Out of The Blue

Posted by David McCabe on May 22 2013 @ 20:23

Got up and into work this morning feeling absolutely exhausted. 25 hours in 2 days is no easy feet. So I was glad it was my rest day. I had my first client and then weighed in. I was .6kg heavier than yesterdays weigh in. I instantly thought that the scales thought it was April fools but seven times can’t be wrong. So 112.3 has become 112.9kg.

How? Honestly, How? I was thinking of how was this even possible. No cheating, I may add but how? I looked into the fact that maybe it’s the fact that I was starving last night and my body reacted to the state of catabolism, the fact that so tired that my body didn’t rest as much as it should of, or I was wearing really heavy socks but it is what it is. I slowly, throughout the day, started feeling low in myself. And to be honest, I wanted to go get something to eat that wasn’t good for me at all. I thought this plenty of times today in my daze of tiredness and annoyance. But then I thought, that would have to stop. It is very easy to give up on something if it doesn’t go your way or that something else in the same circumstances would change the fact of weighing in heavier this morning than yesterday.

Listen, anyone would feel the same ‘Stuff this, I’m getting something nice’. When really that means ‘F*** THIS! I’m going on a spree of buying and eating crap!’. But it’s not worth it. It’s not. I’ve lost a total of 18.7 pounds in 10 days. Me. Myself. I done this. And just because I’m mooping about with no loss, that means I can give up just because……. No it doesn’t. It just means your body has not responded to your friend request and it was denied.

Your body has been working with you for so long that it has realised what you doing and it really doesn’t like it. You can only fool it so much before it goes ‘Do ya see you? Come here til I beat ya!’. That’s what has happened (In a really unscientific way).

So, what do you do????? Give Up!!!

No, no you don’t give up. You need to seat down and ask you body politely to work with you, not against you. Just with everything else there is give and take. There is no difference when it comes to you and what you have to do. And honestly, it really doesn’t take much to build that trust back with your body. All it needs is rest. Never forget a rest day. Even though I want to train, I won’t. A body is trained, then feed, then grown during sleep or periods of rest. So this is me having a ‘chilling with my body’ day.

And honestly, remember, never skip a rest day when training for your fitness goal.


I am going to load a picture of a comment i got today for one of my check-in’s. It came right out of the blue and shown me a lot more than numbers on a scale or what I thought.


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