Day 40: What A Couple of Weeks!

Posted by David McCabe on September 04 2013 @ 20:52

Hi guys,

It’s me again. The stranger now at this stage. From blogging daily, weekly to god knows but here we are reading a blog by a tired man :P.

Anyway, From my last blog a lot has happened. Transform Fitness is now running 2 Boot Camps. One in my home town of Bailieborough, County Cavan and in my working home Navan, County Meath. Both Boot Camps I’m very proud of.

David Gormley, Friend and a great Personal Trainer, is running my Bailieborough Boot Camp and with the feed back I’ve been getting all day, it has been a great experience for everyone. stones lost, pounds gone, inches evaporated and the praise for the young man Dave is unreal. So I would like to thank Dave and every single Boot Camper for their commitment and dedication over the 3 phase period. But there maybe more……….. Never say never!

I run the Navan Boot Camp and sometimes Young Ciaran Rogers, Client and Transform Fitness Agent. I started great and I instantly released I was dealing with a different kettle of fish. I introduced the tyres earlier, new programs, plans, and trying to completely destroy them would be a word I would use there. I literally kill them every night, to the extent to where I had to a call a program tonight ‘Death By Sprawls’. They could only do it once but it was meant to be twice but I know where to hit them…….. That’s all I’m saying. And I’m really proud of both David And Ciaran. And that everyone really enjoys them. Even if we do kill them. (Testimonials up soon)

But now there is even talks of doing the Transform Fitness Boot Camp further across the nation…… I mean WOW! They were looking for us to start in Dublin, Galway, Kildare, Wicklow, Wexford, Louth, And even up to Belfast. But really, stay posted to Transform Fitness’ Facebook page (@Transform Fit) and posters in your town. It’s looking like the east coast will be hit first……… That’s all I’m saying!

It has been Hella busy in ‘The Results Factory’. New Clients, New Competition Clients, And even my challenge, which I’ll come back to. I can’t believe the amount of people that have approached me and have started with me training for Competitions. I am completely honoured by all this and I will have you guys looking your absolute best, or I’ll die trying. These guys won’t be meantioned until close to stage but we will talk about one of Transform Fitness’ Transformers. Now, I’m not saying that she is the only client that deserves a shout-out. As their have been many of my clients in a month losing over a stone (14lbs), or gaining pounds of muscle and leaning down, or even getting ridiculously fit. They all deserve a mention, but one in particular needs this one.

Michaela came to me in February, she was with a Personal Trainer before Christmas and really wanted to lose all her weight and get back to herself. She approached me, very hesitantly due to the fact that her PT was in the Gym I work out of and quizzed me on my knowledge just before Christmas. She went and thought about what she wanted to do and in February, we sat down and formed a monumental plan. To complete Transform the woman and make her 40 kg lighter.

This was by no means a small task. I thick she sercetly hated me and probably still does today but we battled on. We talked, argued, debated, argued some more, reflected, argued some more, and then once she began to really trust me. She let go.

The girl is a machine and an inspiration. She lost 39.7 kg (6 Stone 3 pound) and 143 cm (56.8′) in 6 months. She went from 106.4 kg to 66.7 kg the day of her photo shoot. and as I looked on I was so proud of her. I lost 8 Stone 9 pounds in 3 months and she has done exactly the same and complete changed her life. she looked nothing little the woman that stood before me in February. She was quiet, not very chatty, not very open, and a bit stubborn and now she’s bright, happy, funny, proud and still stubborn……. well she is a woman :P. But you get what I’m saying. The photos will be up soon guys, as I’m waiting for the photographer to finish up the pictures with logos and stuff. then you will have all of Michaela’s journey and her results. we spoke today about everything what’s she is going to do when she comes back and how she feels now and it really feels like she’s brand new. We are not finished though. Michaela Wants more…………..

Now to my challenge. I’ll keep this short and sweet. I also had a photo shoot with new client James Fay, looking to gain size and possibly compete in 2014. It was to mark my 5 week progress. I’ve before pictures taken and they are a shook to what I seen yesterday. I’m up 2 kg. down over 4% Body Fat and it’s just getting better. It is getting really hard to do this with my hours but I honestly has to say I wouldn’t have it any other way.

There was a lot of other stuff I wanted to talk about but I think this has become more a bedtime story than a blog so I’ll leave it for another night.

Good Night, Sleep Tight.


oh and I’ve 3 months left today…………….

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