Day 19: Shit !!!!! I Didn’t Know I was Away That Long! (Grateful)

Hi Guys,

I’m Back. Sorry I’ve been away for a while but I had a lot going on and Coming in at 10:30 or 11 p.m. at night, you really don’t want to be looking at a computer screen writing about how your day and training was when you just lived it :P.

But anyway, It’s been 18 days since I started back training for my new challenge and a lot has changed and a lot new things have happened.

Firstly, Training is going great. A lot of new size in my shoulders, chest, and back. Legs are always good, thank god. but I really want to go back to before I dislocated my knee. I was doing 4 sets of 200 kg for 10 reps. That’s all……. Is that too much to ask? Monday it was 160 kg for 13 reps final set. and Arms…… Well I always think my arms are small but they are getting bigger and I will not mention the sarcastic tones off some of my clients when I say ‘I think My Arms are too small!’. But at the moment I’m doing 1 body part a day, to really focus on what that group needs (size, width, depth, etc.), Plus my body response better to size that way. Building up Abs to 3-5 times a week and 30-45 mins Cardio, 5-6 Days a Week. I’m slowly getting there and I will get there.

Secondly, Diet is great. Cheat meal Saturday or Sunday is still epic. I am not doing my previous diet or regime that had me lose 13.87lbs in 2 days or lose 10kg in 11 days. Oh No. That was just to hard on the body and to hard for the hours and lack of time I have to do it. Hoping to try and get down hopefully 1kg(2.2lbs) per week leading up to my birthday and aim for 100 kg with my training and cardio to boot.

Thirdly, I really can’t get over the change in my body the last 3 weeks. For example my XXL tops are too Baggy on me but I look bigger and My XL tops are stuck to my shoulders, back, and chest. And I wear shorts mostly now because my track suit bottoms pull and my quads when I sit down or walk and can be tight on my legs. Out line of my abs are coming in which is great and with Another Transform Fitness shoot coming up with Don, Thomas, Myself And The Transformer Michaela, You’ll see the what’s going on with the crew and new ones in November and a big announcement for the new year to which I can’t wait for but stay tuned in , and glued to Transform Fitness.

Coming away from the training, The past 3-7 weeks have brought a lot of great things my way. To which I am truly grateful and blessed that it has really come around for me. I mean, I’ve probaly said this before, but 2 Years ago, I was slowly but surely descending into quitting what I love doing. Eventhough at the time you thing everything you have is great, and wonderful but there was a dark side to all the great and wonderful things. No grass is greener on the other side. Believe you me. Because it was torture. For over a year I slowly lost myself, didn’t care and just wanted to give up. No support, no friends and lets just say being mentally beaten down everyday, didn’t help. Only my friends and family know about that one. And the truth I may add, not the fantasy story that other people have been told. And now, I think it shows. The power that you have to actually do what you want regardless of negativity, anger, argueing and been told it’s just not good enough. I’m not going to lie guys it was a mental hell. And to be honest, I needed that to happen. I needed to know that, that was not what I wanted and that I am stronger than what I was told.

I’ve gone from doing probably, and i’m not proud of this, 4-5 hours per day (if Lucky) personal training. To repackaging, designing and trademarking my own style of training and not relying on old school nonsense. I sat down and though of every muscle and actually did the motion of each, sitting or standing, to really feel how they work. no videos, no books, no magazines just really bringing it back to basics.

I developed new, programs and lets not forget the Transform Fitness Transformation Program, which has helped over 300 people lose weight/gain muscle/get ripped since it started and keep training I might add, to achieve their goals with proper knowledge and guidence.

The Transform Fitness 12 Week Program to which Michaela is finishing now in 3 weeks and my god wait until you see this girl.

Also Running our Transform Fitness Boot Camp Series In Cavan and Meath, with massive deals of branching to Dublin, Kildare, Louth, Galway and Belfast next year, a small idea has become an unbelievable mile stone for us.

And last but not least and this is my favourite, My one to one clients and my Bodybuilding/Competitive clients. That is my favourite.

Listen, I’ve gone from 19 Stone to 10 stone 8lbs in 3 months. I’ve been near anorexic at the age of 19, to trying to compete and turned away at 80kg when I was 20/21. And now at 27/28 (Jaysus!), being 115kg at slightly over 19% BF…… I’ve seen it, done it, bought the t-shirt, and then revisited again on my holidays for the buzz. I’ve done it. And I think that’s what sets me apert from every other PT and their granny out there. Whether you believe me or not…….. I actually don’t care, because I’ve done it and my family, friends and clients have seen it through hard and good times.

In closing, I am blessed and I thank, whoever gave me this chance everyday because I was really unhappy and out for the count 2 Years ago. To have everyone around me that matters and to have a support network like my family, my friends and my pertner makes this venture so much easier and makes everything I do, worth while. Have a great weekend guys.

Love, Respect, Repeat.

David McCabe (A.K.A. The Bear)

Director of his own life ……….. And Transform Fitness 😛

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