Day 1: Again!

Posted by David McCabe on July 29 2013 @ 20:48

Hi Guys,

Here is Day 1…… Again.

I will write this blog intermittently. I may get days in a straight row but some I may not….. Just putting that out there :P.

Anyway, Was Up bright and early this morning to get to work in the new beast when I was out the road and realised I was missing someones program for today. So, I’d to swing back, print it off and get back on the road. 5 Minutes late, just getting use to the Jeep and not that client didn’t mind. In from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. today as I’d Boot Camp Phase II to be doing in my home town of Bailieborough.

Great PT, Day with my one to ones, new clients and booked through the day which is always good. ON the road to The Boot Camp and to train the masses. After destroying many people at the Boot Camp (Sorry Guys), We had a little surprise for the best of the bunch. We had 5 top prizes to give out and they were amazing prize for A1 results.

Off home to eat my chicken and rice, to really reflected on the day. I’m a bit up and down today to be fair. but at least i sold my car. the rest of the day will be thought about.

Thanks guys

Good Night


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Day ??: Is It Failure?

Posted by David McCabe on July 28 2013 @ 17:37

Hello Guys And Girls,

I know I haven’t written a blog in god knows how long but I’ve been extremely busy. 60 hour weeks will do that to you and manning a Boot Camp and trying to get more started due to demand in other areas, drives a toll on a person where when they come home, sleep is the only priority.

I did Train over the period. As I’m back to lifting weights again (YAAAAHHHHHOOOOOO) but I had very little time for anythimg else. Including sometimes missing a meal which really isn’t good. And now, with it being holiday seesion I hope and can get a bit more time to myself before it picks up again for myself. But Here is my question:

Is It Failure???

Have I failed? Have I thrown in the towel? Have I given up? Have I quit? Have I just lost my mojo?

The answer is: NO!

I only see failure, if I stop. Simply. If I stop pursuing what I want, That is failure. I never stop. With my exhaustion, weakness, lack of energy and just being plain tired and had to put it to the side and that’s where I will be picking it up.

So here it is from tomorrow on, I have a goal. I’m not going to do it as drastic as my last one (10kg in 11 days) but my goal this time is to enjoy the process and have abs for my birthday. That’s it. Well maybe before Christmas. So that makes it 129 Days, or 18 weeks and 3 days, or 4 Months and 9 days until my birthday.

I will be taking pictures before and through each month phase of my diet and training and a few others along the way.

But I will say this. I would like to thank all the readers of this blog and thank you for all the well wishes, texts, emails, and for all the thank you’s I got from clients that I’ve helped achieve their own goals. I’m more than happy to help, as without you there would be no Transform Fitness.

Thank you guys and good night.



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Day 61: Keep Calm And Transform

Posted by David McCabe on July 11 2013 @ 21:11

Hi Guys,

Good evening to all. I hope you guys had a great day in the sun if you got away. Just in and writing me blog here. After spending all day in a gym with clients while some people (I’ll not mention who) were rubbing in that they were going to the beach after their training today. I was so jealous but I do hope the weather keeps until the weekend because I would love to go walk and chill on the beach and not think about anything each only the fact that ‘I would murder a 99’.

Anyway, I’m here after doing a 12 hour day and still with work to do. But hey, someone has got to do it. up this morning quiet easily, thank god. And off to work with my coffee. Straight from 7a.m. to 1p.m. then a quick bit to eat then for the training session. The break from weight training really done me the world of good. I really analysed, While training clients how, visually everything works and I developed a new program for myself to follow. Monday was Shoulders And same with tomorrow, Tuesday was Back, Wednesday was Chest and Saturday……. Well we’ll leave Saturday as a surprise as I may spoil it for someone if they are reading this blog.

I warmed up, Pre-exhausted, and worked my forearms, Biceps and Triceps. And the concentration and sweat was unbelievable but I was lifting ridiculously heavy for completely concentrated exercises. Which is weird as once you really slow down the process of training you usually lift lighter to get it right but I was lifting heavy and still strict in motion. To which I was very happy. Down for a shower when all that was over to finish my day til 9p.m.

I’m here with the pup looking at me and I’m going to stride on a walk but I will leave you with a pic of the Transform Fitness T-Shirts. If You’d like one let me know and we can get you sorted.

Keep Calm And Transform


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Day 60: It’s Hard

Posted by David McCabe on July 10 2013 @ 20:49

Good Evening Guys,

This morning was the same as the others, got up and out for my clients of the morning and it was a straight 7a.m. to 1p.m. job, today. Then 3p.m. – 6p.m., then out the door for boot camp at 7p.m. Finished at 8p.m. And tomorrow will be as long as tuesday.

But I’m finding it hard to really get back into this zone I was in before I got exhausted. I’m not really eating, and when I am, I’m starving and eat way more then I’m suppose to then feel sick or bloated. I’m back lifting weight to which I’m really happy about as I really did miss it and I’m still lifting really heavy which is a plus but I’ve no drive before or after training to eat, Just drinking and nibbling on nuts or I might get a bowl of soup and thats not on my diet plan.

I might be the hours I do a week but I was doing my training and my long hours before my exhaustion because I really enjoyed them both but I’m really finding it hard. I’ve 30 days left and I hope I get it back, otherwise this was a blog on empty trails. I need to get back into this and if I can get 10 kilos down in 2 weeks I can do it in 4 Weeks. And that’s what I do best….. TRANSFORM

Good Night Guys


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Day 59: Holy God!

Posted by David McCabe on July 09 2013 @ 20:38

Good Day Guys,

Up this morning a bit easier but had a massive day on my hands as soon as I woke up. 7a.m. to 9p.m. My 12 days, 12 weeks, 1-1’s and new clients today. More coming down from Dublin…… I’m thinking this is a sign along with new guys thinking of getting redy for shows with Transform Fitness. THis year has been the best year so far for me and I really appreciate everything I have now. And thank everyone who helped.

I walked into the gym thinking that this was going to be the hottest day of the year, and here’s me thinking ‘Ah, it won’t be that bad!’…………. Holy God it was melting in the gym today. I was standing and seating…… sweating. It was roasting hot. Then I’d my own training but I warmed up first by warming up outside with a walk…….. and try for a tan in me ol’ tank top. Back into the gym to do back and I was only through warming up my lats and I was ringing wet. Got all done and had a straight run of clients from 3-9. so I had to buckle down for it and drank water the whole way through while sneaking chicken every now and again. But I was still sweating while telling people what to do. It was great to see and I was completely jealous of anyone who was at the beach today.

All done and home, eating my last meal and trying to unwined but all the while thinking, ‘people come from Dublin to see me…….. and their not the first or the last’.

Good Night


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Day 58: I Just Cannot Stop Smiling

Posted by David McCabe on July 08 2013 @ 19:52

Hi Guys,

It’s be blocky but I promise, I’ve 4 weeks left and I will keep posting until the end. I’ve 10 kilos left, given the all clear so here we go.

got up this morning, not wanting to get up……. which really isn’t like me but it happened. I’d a long day in front of me ans all I wanted was my bed. but up I got and out the door. Had straight clients all day 7a.m. – 2p.m.. Quick Lunch and discussion about body building, competitions, and how to really build size with a fellow trainer and up to do shoulders. I always complain about what I’ve to do in my training sessions, but I love it. But I also know the amount of pain that I’m going to be in…… is not nice to know. Job done after 45 minutes, quick shower and straight from 3p.m. – 6p.m.. Hurried out the door to rush to the boot camp for 7p.m.

We had a great day for it and it was just a class session. The ‘group’ decided that they wanted ab work at the end as we never do it. But I decided to get the audiance what they wanted and did they get it. And I will say after tonights ab session they will not moan again.

In the door and writing this blog. And I’ve been thinking about writing this since last week. I really feel like I’m back to myself….. Honestly, right back to who I was. I was in a awful place from 2011 to mid 2012. I was a completely different person, in an awful situation, afraid to get out of it due to what could happen, lost everything and nearly my business and all I thought about was ‘I Am So Miserable’. It was the lowest point of my life and I really had to get out of it. But I was really unhappy. Nearly on the dole line and I couldn’t lose what I built and I knew I was losing it. So, I dug deep and I completely repackaged and redeveloped my entire business and now in 2013 I would of thought I was finished and now, people e-mail, text, calls, skype, facebook me……… ME to train them or wants advice from all over the place. Late 2012 I made the best decision of my life. I was completely gone, I wasn’t myself before that and now I really just cannot stop smiling, laughing, making jokes, having fun with my clients, making better choices for myself and business and now with the woman helping me I can expand faster and easier than ever. It is absolutely priceless what the right person can do to you and how the wrong one can destroy me. But I did learn one thing.

You will not walk across me as fast as you were 2011 or 2012. You will not condescend, belittle, shame, slur, slangerise, or walk on me now. As I know where I stand now and it took a lot of searching and the right people to find myself again so just don’t do it. But this is the now, and the future will be epic……. The past will remain there but the lessons learned will be always remembered.

Good Night Folks


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Day 53: That…….. Was A Good One

Posted by David McCabe on July 03 2013 @ 21:01

Good Evening All,

Today was an early one for me. 6 a.m. but til 6 p.m. so it really wasn’t that bad. Up early, out the door and training clients. got back into lifting weights, if I haven’t mentioned that already, and I’m loving it. It was Shoulders for me today, and orders to slow down are being listened to until next week when I do weights and cardio again. But not as much as I was doing as I don’t want to push myself to exhaustion again. I got Shoulders done between clients and the pump was ridiculously sore but boy did I love it.

The rest of my client through til lunch and I thought I’d spoil myself and go out for lunch instead of eating cold chicken and I relaxed and went back to work.

Finished those and straight into the car to drive to the Boot Camp….. To which I thought I was going to be late for but had 15 minutes to spare.

I was a bit on edge for this one as they were programs I’ve never tried out before but I said I’d give it a shot with my ‘Bear Cub’ in toe David Gormley. He did some great work today. Honestly, a savage trainer and I’m glad there are some good ones out there. The Boot Camp went really well and very few casualties. And bit of a catch up with Dave & Sue and on home for a bit of food.

As I write this now I have my ‘Baby Bear’ resting his head on my lap, with eyes that say ‘Where’s MY food?’ So I’m off.

Good Night Guys


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Day 52: Shock

Posted by David McCabe on July 02 2013 @ 20:49

Hi guys,

Sorry again for the complete disappearence, but I was extremely busy.

With my normal, Day To Day Job. Average of 57 hours a week I’ve now added our New Transform Fitness Boot Camp. Testing the programs than a full release into other major towns and cities. Bringing the signature fat burning and body toning programs in a boot camp style to the masses. But my god I wasn’t expecting the crowd of people that turned out for the boot camp. It was unbelievable and even my ‘Bear Cub’ PT David Gormley was a bit taken back. So I would like to say thank everyone for showing up to our Boot Camp.

But back to everything else. I’ve given myself 2 weeks lay way and another 4 weeks, as I’ve mentioned in a previous blog. So this week I’m getting back into my weight lifting. OOOOOOOHHHHHH how I’ve missed you. It’s great to be able to do what you love again. Nice and slowly mind you. But I do love it. ANd I got training with one of my clients today and it even made me feel sick, it pushed me that much. He loved it, I loved it and it was an epic pump.

A lot has happened since Thursday for my last blog. New Clients, Training people in, New competitive clients, People ringing from Dublin, Belfast, Kilkenny, Wexford, Wicklow, Louth and West Meath Wanting to come up and train with us but this one is a good one.

2 for my happiest clients just blurtted out to me ‘We’ll play a game!’

‘If You Were A Chocolate Bar, What Bar Would You be?’

I’d like to think I’m a MORO…….. But what are you?

Let me know.

Good night folks


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