Jason Lee Personal Trainer Mullagh Gym

Jason Lee

Transform Fitness Trainer and Class Instructor

I started training with Transform Fitness in 2014 and ever since then I have had the fitness bug. I was training with weights in a gym/studio I used to go to. I saw the 12 Weeks Hard program and its results, so I decided to do it. The results I achieved in just 12 weeks were amazing. What I found amazing is that I never got so much attention or such a detailed plan for me in any other gym or studio. In your bodies movements, how your body is doing due to the food you are eating and how to improve that for your goals.

I decided then I wanted to do as they were. Helping people achieve their goals, that they were having trouble reaching on their own for years in gyms or studios. In 2016, I qualified as a personal trainer and I am fully committed to helping people become healthier, fitter and to help them with what they could not do themselves.


  • NTC National Qualification: Fitness Instructor
  • NTC National Qualification: Group Fitness Instructor
  • NTC National Qualification: Personal Trainer
  • NTC National Qualification: Strength and Conditioning
  • NTC National Qualification: Kettlebell Training
  • NTC National Qualification: Indoor Cycling

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