Day 47: That Was The Day That I Thought Was Never Going To End

Posted by David McCabe on June 27 2013 @ 20:33

Good Evening Guys,

Today was one of the longest days I’ve worked in a long time. I did do a 7am to 830pm but it just crawled. I felt every minute.

I woke up and was in for 7am. And it must of been ‘Let’s Pick David’s Brain’s’ Day. Everyone, who was anyone was asking my questions. To which I don’t mind but all day……. I might as well be a teacher.

I’m going to make this short as I hear my bed calling me but I did get my training session done today and got 500 reps out of it which was brilliant. Finding it hard to find my groove again but it’ll come back……. I hope.

After this week, I’ve 5 Weeks left to hit 100 kg…… It will be done and we’ll see if I can do another 10 kg in 11 days.

Good night folks


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Day 46: Paying To Use A Computer!?!

Posted by David McCabe on June 26 2013 @ 19:09

Hi Everyone,

I’m just in the door, called to my mother’s and my niece’s and one of my cousins were on their computer. I asked could I use it for 10 minutes to write my blog (as I thought it would be easier off a desk top) but they wanted money………. Pups. But Hey, Why not.

Today started like the rest, up, hard to get out of bed, took my vits etc., coffee in hand and gone.

I this morning to see that there was a bit of a sit in at my desk. There was a discussion on about diet and training with one of my transformers and a new client. Of course I was joking and messing for a bit but then had to get the head on and answer theory and nutritional questions so early in the morning but it had to be done. Cardio done, and clients started until 630pm. Doing cardio I felt quite sick and nearly had to go to the nearest bin while chatting to another client after doing cardio.

Went on my lunch and worked out how many people our doing the Transform Fitness Boot Camps this summer. And I was really shocked at the number and one of the e-mails I received contained this:

‘I literally can not wait until the 1st of July for this boot camp to start. I mean Transform Fitness is doing a boot camp for €5-€6 an hour. The Pro’s……. I’ll take that for the results you get!’

I really coudn’t believe that. That someone or a few people are looking forward to this boot camp (but I would say slightly regretting the fact that they signed up), and they can’t believe that Transform Fitness is doing boot camps. Well even though it has been a while, Transform Fitness is bringing a boot camp to you. Bringing their Trademark Fat Burning, Toning and Incredible Fitness Increasing Programs to a boot camp setting for the mass’. We will bring you the best to make you the best.

Did my training then after lunch. feeling more alive for this session and did 500 reps of widen, thickening and endurance training before finishing with my last client.

And now I’m here, with 3 annoying little girls around me but I do have to say, It’s a joy to hear it. As I’d rather be here enjoying writing this blog with family around then writing it for the sake of writing it out of tiredness. It’s a great feleling to be relaxed and able to move and live from day to day…….. A man could get use to this!

Good Evening Folks


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Day 45: Walking The Mile…… Again

Posted by David McCabe on June 25 2013 @ 20:38

Hi Everyone,

Today was my first long stretch since Tuesday and boy did I feel it. I am finding it hard to get up these days, when usually I can get up without moaning and growning. I got up anyway and had my usual and off to work. I’m leaving off having clients until 9 am these days until I get back to myself. So I was in at 8 am to do my cardio 850 calories on the stair master in 31 mins. not bad but use to over 1000 in 45 minutes. but good for first time since tuesday.

We had a photo shoot today just to add to the mix. a young client of mine that wanted to reduce his body fat to as low as possible in 20 days and he cut it by half. You should of seen him. It was unreal and I’d say in a couple of years he would give the best in Ireland a run for their money on stage but the photos will be up soon guys……… Don’t worry, you’ll get to see them.

After my lunch I actually had to drag myself in to train in the gym. I literally threw my arse at it. I just did 300 reps of what I wanted and finished. Wasn’t impressed…… Wasn’t happy. But that’s all the energy I could gather. I’d 3 more hours and then home.

As I sit here writing this blog, my ears are heavy and I’m faced with a mountain of work that will more then likely only be half done but I walked the mile. And tomorrow I do it again…… I will be full strength soon. You can’t keep me down.


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Day 44: My Shadows Aren’t The Only Things That Walk Beside Me!

Posted by David McCabe on June 24 2013 @ 20:38

Hi Guys,

Monday and It was back to the grind. I Was in the gym last Thursday and I failed to mention this in my blog entry on Saturday. One of my clients that I am training at the minute recently came back from holidays and is now back into training form. I was a bit ill last week and felling very exhausted and weak. But tried to do a bit of training none the less.

I was resting during an exercise and she walks up and said:

‘Dave, I would just like to say that if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t look like this. I would of lost the weight but I wouldn’t of looked like this. Your training and how you teach me to do what’s best for my body is just unbelievable and what change I’ve went through is amazing. And I would really like to thank you for that. I don’t do this at all but I really would love to thank you very much.’

In the weak state I was in, that nearly blew me off my feet and really cemented what I do to myself. I see my clients change, but I rarely get a thank you……. Becuase it’s my job……. That’s what I do! But at the same time, it was great to hear.

I had a rough couple of days there in the last week but I pulled out of it and I still need plenty of rest. But without my friends, family, the bear, and my chill time, I wouldn’yt of continued. A solid support network is needed. Fair enough you do the training, the diet, the learning the blah blah blah but without people there to hold you up and help you, your screwed and I know that more than ever now. So it’s really not just me doing this challenge. My friends, my family, the bear, my clients, members of the gym, my girlfriend (x) and every single one of you guys reading this. I don’t walk alone…… Even though I’d like to……. I never am alone.

Good Night.


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Day 42: Exhaustion

Posted by David McCabe on June 22 2013 @ 14:45

Good Day Guys,

Due to an unforeseen issue I had to cut my hours and completely rest. This has never happened to me before so I really need to listen to my doctor and everyone around me at the moment. This feeling will pass and I intend on working up to speed again but with a little help and getting back into training next week.

So due to this issue I will be extending my challenge by four weeks. So instead of finishing the 8th of July I am now finishing the 5th of August. I am not happy about the set back but my health is my wealth and not the other way around.

And to the guys that actually don’t do what I do and like to comment or pass remake, keep it to yourself or come do what I do. If you like, I’d be glad to put you guys through your paces.

Have a great weekend guys


See you Monday

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Day 37: Everyone Is A Personal Trainer!!!

Posted by David McCabe on June 17 2013 @ 17:21

Hi Everyone,

Hope you all had a great weekend and a great father’s day. If you haven’t read it, I put up a father’s day message ‘Day 36: To The Original On Father’s Day’ and it’s a tribute to my father. Have a goo.

Now yesterday, saw me seeing ‘Man of Steel’ for the second time. The first time would of been with the girlfriend after a nice meal. But yesterday night it was with the lads, to which I did not mind one bit.

After the film we drove by a studio to which I was looking to start something out of and one of the lads is just recently a fully qualified Personal Trainer. But both my matess wer chatting about training with me and what they should do. Which usually is a normal thing, even if I go out. People always ask, what is the best thing to do. And I really don’t mind, I love helping my friends, family and people who appreciate it.

My Mate, who is a qualified Personal Trainer (PT) says straight out ‘I don’t want to say “I’m A PT” without knowing what is best!’ To which I asked ‘Did you not cover this in your course?’. ‘We did but it was all relative, as in these reps and rest for this and this for that….. ‘ I don’t want to put out there that I’m a PT and it doesn’t work and I’m just guessing with people.’

And this is where I thought ‘He’s saying what I’ve been saying for years’.

These days everyone and their granny is a qualified PT. To this, in the fitness industry, they are throwing out hundred’s if not thousands of so-called PT’s into the world with very little knowledge of their actually field……. I shit you not. For thousands. The amount of texts, messages and e-mails I get from people, claiming to be personal trainers, saying what would you do if you’ve a client like this or are you training someone like this or the best one how are you so busy and others aren’t……….

Here’s the reason, I’ve been doing this for nearly 11 years (professionally over 6 years) and I’ve done, seen, walked, ran, studied, trained, got ridiculed for my training, bought the t-shirt and the deadly cap to go with it. You Do Not get this knowledge walking into a class room and someone saying at the end of 20 weeks, ‘Your A Professional Personal Trainer, You will have many, many clients that you will not know what to do with and will make lots of money.’. Shame, that this doesn’t happen but that is the equivalent of your daddy buying you a new bike a the age of 5 with stablisers on the back wheel so you can cycle the thing. It’s basic. Not Professional.

I’ve heard awful stories of PT’s opening up or renting studios and spending ridiculous amounts of money to make everything stand-out and look new. If you ain’t got it, Don’t Hit It! Money will not make you better than the rest nor will it get you the results your clients/members want. Then they go bust as they can’t realise that their class has gone from over 40 to 3 in 3 months and they spent all their money on over 10,000 flyers that are probably still in the box as we speak. A fond memory of what just happened but a sad reality.

This is what’s wrong today in the industry, and there is still establishments in business today that have awful instructors and PT’s but timing, ‘the gift of the gab’ and funny enough when someone said this to me I was discussed, guilt them into it…….

Only Hard Work, Knowledge, Perseverance, Honesty, Determination, Persistence, Your own Training And The Love of What You Do That Will Survive…… FACT!

There is a lot of get rich quick schemes in the world, that is the fitness industry, to which I’m not naming, as again this is my opinion and people will say my 12 days is a get rich quick scheme, but they don’t understand.

I love what I do. I don’t Bull Shit, I Work Damn Hard, I Train Even Harder, I always give and bring my best for my business and my clients. And they can tell you that. Every program I have written or designed I have done myself. How many others in the fitness industry can say that??????? The few. And how many can say they come up with their own new designs and do things that many would deem impossible or unthought of? Very few

In closing I will say this, If you are in this game to make money over helping people…… your in the wrong game. There’s other jobs out there for that, But not as rewarding. And to my friend if he reads this, It is that, that will set you apart from the rest. Keep learning and growing and you will find everything before you are ready to be a GREAT PT not just a PT.

Live, Love, Respect, Repeat


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Day 36: To The Original on Father’s Day

Posted by David McCabe on June 16 2013 @ 21:41

Happy Fathers Day Everyone.

I hope you guys are all having a great day and letting the Dad’s chill with a few movies and new shoes. I’m writing this, this morning because it is fathers day. During the week someone asked me ‘Why do you like Superman?’. I gave them an answer that would of been acceptable without letting to much out and the reason was ‘I love what he stands for, even from the age of 5.’

In 1990 or 1991 I when shopping with my family, not like I’d a choice I was 5, to Drogheda. I walked in Golden Discs in the shopping centre then with my dad and he said to me ‘no for being a good boy, I’ll buy you a video.’ I was so excited that I didn’t know what I wanted. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Thundercats, and loads of others but Dad points out and said ‘What about Superman, David’. ‘What’s this?’ I said. He replies ‘it’s about a boy who grows up with amazing powers and saves people and the world.’. ‘Really?’ I said……. Dad Replied and I sit and watch it with you. He got the video for £7.99 and I held onto that tape like it was the only present I ever got. I looked at nothing else on the way home but the video cover. The late Christopher Reeves, flying holding the american flag, wear a blue suit, red pants and a cape, with a ‘S’ on his chest for ‘Superman’.

When we got home I said to Dad ‘I’ll put it in the video player and wait for you’. And ran in and put the video in and waited. Of course, not knowing then that Dad had to bring in the shopping and help put some of the shopping away, I waited. He walked in and I pushed play, I sat beside my father and he picked me up and put him on his lap and we watched ‘Superman’. I watched this film in awh, A man that is so strong, so fast, so powerful and can’t do anything about it with fear of being single out and taken away until he realised what he could do and was able to hide his powers under an alias ‘Clark Kent’. We sat and watched it to the very end and my father was a very very busy man. Just like myself now and it would of been very rare for him to sit down and watch an entire film with me from beginning to end. And that was priceless to me and is my fondest memory.

As I grew up I always loved the character. When I was 16 my father became ill and had to go to hospital and I will be honest, I thought we have nothing to worry about. This is Peter McCabe, This is nothing. He was given the all clear and I looked at him when he got out and I thought to myself ‘I told you’.

When I was 20 he got sick again and by my 21st birthday my father passed on. That ‘S’ stands for alot more than some man that flys around with his pants on the outside of his suit, with a cape, to this day millions of children think a cape will make you fly. That ‘S’ Stands for more to me.

That ‘S’ is a symbol of a man that no one from 2006 will know, it is a symbol for a man that done everything for his family and did it with a smile, it stands for a man who had so much strength but was so gentle you had to sit to admire it.

This is am ‘S’ that stands for

My Man, My Hero And My Legend that is

Peter McCabe R.I.P.

18th of November 2006

So when I wear the ‘S’ on my chest, or you see it on my phone or on my desk. It’s not for the man of steel, to me, it’s for Peter McCabe and my memory of my father.

Happy Father’s Day Everyone.

And to all the Father’s out there. One moment will last a lifetime.


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Day 34: The Weekend Has Begun

Posted by David McCabe on June 14 2013 @ 19:51

Happy Friday Evening Guys,

And welcome to my friday blog……… What makes this different to my other blogs…… nothing but it’s friday so who cares 😛

I had an unexpected lie in this morning due to 2 clients cancelling (6am + 7am) so I took that extra hour and drank some sleepy dreamy nighty snoozy snooze. Up I got and drove to work hoping that I’d pass my friend on his way to work but he was probably on the road before me this morning.

Started my day with Cardio, 45 mins of Stairs and burned 1058 Calories…… Get In Paddy! Then started my working day from 9am (like a normal person). Straight to 3pm with no breaks eating and drinking on the go then off to lunch before my second round of training. 3 clients left and then home. Quick enough day and now home. I glad the day is over and I can enjoy a weekend off with young Rodge guarding the fort. A nice meal and a cinema trip for a nice celebration before it all starts again.

Good night folks

And something that I said in my posts this morning to leave you with:

‘Don’t Look Back, That’s Not The Direction You’re Going!’


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Day 33: 15 Hours

Posted by David McCabe on June 13 2013 @ 21:31

Good Evening boys and girls,

I’m going to make this short tonight as I’m just wrecked and I would like to go to bed. I’d a very long day today and with one client cancelling I got my cardio done and training with another got my training in. But my last client of the day asked me was I busy today. my response was ‘I have been here since 6am, eating and training when I can’. Her reply was ‘How do you do it, You must love what you do?’. I thought for a Second and answered ‘Yes, Yes I Do! I Love It. Everyday is different, everyday has it’s challenge and everyday I get an opportunity to change things.’

It’s not a job, It’s a passion…….. Nothing more.

Good Night


Here is a link to the result of my cardio session today on the Transform Fitness Facebook Page

My cardio session. Done.Over 1,000 cals. Oh yeah#focused

Posted by Transform Fitness on Thursday, June 13, 2013


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Day 32: Whiplash

Posted by David McCabe on June 12 2013 @ 20:14

Good Evening Guys,

Today was a tough one. 6am to 730pm and tomorrow just like monday…… very long 6am to 9pm. I was absolutely knackered today. I was knackered by 10am. I didn’t get to bed last night until after 12, organising a meet ‘with a couple a guys, they were up to no good’ (had to throw a bit of fresh prince in there) to see the new Superman Movie the weekend and catching up. but that was last night, not today.

Up late, in a bit late but it was cool still destroyed my 6am. Then it was a straight ride until 2pm, no breaks, eating on the go and trying to sit when I could. Yawning, and looking like you need a good slap to wake yourself up really doesn’t look good so, It’ll be to bed early tonight.

I was feeling low, like I was going to shut down. So I decided to go and get myself some Calamari from my favourite place to get does mother licking energy boosters. I got a large portion so there was about 10 or 12 Calamari Rings. I was knackered starting and by the third one I was wide awake and ready to get my Session on.

Back to the gym, Home of The Results Factory, Transform Fitness. And began to assemble my monster Super Set Session. With Body Weight (& more) Compounds: 120 kg Bench Press (30×2), 160 kg Squats (30×2), 160 kg Deadlifts (30×2), 120 kg Lat Pulldowns (30×2), combined with their plyo partners and abs……….. Guys, it wasn’t pretty. 2 exercises back to back, twice, 30 reps each. That’s 120 reps per super set by 5 equals 600 Reps of heavy ass weight, heart pumping shocks, and oceans of sweat. Finished in 39 Minutes….. Cut it tight.

A young guy came up to me while I was finished kneeling on the floor, sweat jumping off me at this stage and says ‘Sorry, Are You The Guy That Wears The Superman T-Shirt?’ and before I smiled and answered I thought There is a definite theme to this week. I answered that it was me and he just said ‘I thought so, your huge man.’ As he walked back to his mates and I walked to the stairs of death……….. That’s right. There was cardio left. I said thanks and dragged myself over to the stairs. 750 Calories in 33 Mins and off. Then to my last round of clients until 730 pm.

On the drive home I microwaved some Chicken before leaving the gym and ate 6 chicken fillets and left 2 for the puppy so I could have room for my final meal when I got home.

It’s my nieces Birthday today. She turns 11 today and I would like to wish her the biggest happy birthday today to my little niece Leah. By that I mean it will be read right across the country to whoever reads this blog today.

So to finish guys, I am the guy in the Superman Shirt

Good Night



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