12 Day Transformation Challenge ®

12dayThe Transform Fitness® 12 Day Transformation Challenge is an intense weight loss and conditioning program to help you lose up to 14lbs and of weight and gain on average, 2.7lbs of lean, healthy and sexy muscle in just 12 days.

Followed with a specifically designed eating plan to bring your body back into sync and enhance your results over the 12 days.

You’ve nothing to lose but inches. Do You Think YOU Are Up For The Challenge?

Here Is The Break Down:

Phase I:

What I hear consistently off my clients, members or just people I chat to is:

‘David, I want to lose weight, fast!’

I’ve always tried to formulate a programme that would help people kick start reaching their goals in the gym and also feel good about themselves after the programme so they can continue living healthy, happy lives.

The Transform Fitness® 12 Day Transformation Challenge is that program.

The first stage, lays the foundation of your new body. This program followed with the 12 day eating plan, melts fat and builds high quality muscle fibre. Or it can just be used to kick start your own weight loss goals.

*This program has recorded loses of up to 21lbs and a gain of 3.7lbs of muscle.*

**Average weight loss is 11.21lbs, and average muscle gain is 1.93lbs.**

Phase II:

This is where we continue your Transformation. This program continues to burn fat and build lean muscle. We concentrate on evolving your body and your body’s shape by increasing your work load and increasing your cardiovascular, resistence and metabolic capacity

*If you want to do this phase, you will have to graduate by completing phase I*

Phase III:

This is where it starts to get a bit more advanced. We take you from your previous phases of building a great foundation in phases I & II, And we kick up the intensity. We formulated this phase in the past to be the top phase of the 12 Day Transformation Challenge, but realised that it was a bit too advanced. We brought it back a bit and have created an intermediate phase. With new programme layouts, designs, structures and more importantly training dynamic. Bringing further to your greatest body Transformation yet. You will be shocked at what you can do in this phase.

*If you want to do this phase, you will have to graduate by completing phases I & II*

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