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Let us start by mentioning that not all personal fitness advisors or coaches or trainers, work in the same way or even aim to achieve the same goals. Many of our members/clients are surprised by our unique approach that we take at Transform Fitness, compared to previous experiences with independent trainers or fitness centres and/or their trainers.

We sell results. PERIOD. With our unique all in one personal commitment plans. We cover assessments, nutrition, 1 to 1 training, postural correction and much more. We also give you the tools at home whilst you are away from your trainer, with home programs and a massive support network. We believe you are worth much more than an hour in a diary. We are with you, to help you, From the beginning to the end.

Our Approach focuses on physical, dietary, postural and mental well-being. We offer commitment programs/plans because we are serious about our results, and not having them ending in failure! Strength is not just about muscle – it is discipline, overcoming obstacles and perseverance. That will make you stronger in your body and your mind. Remember, we do not deal with just aesthetics. We deal with your health and well-being. We will work with you to tailor make the best possible training and nutrition plan for your individual needs and objectives.

Our Core Values at Transform Fitness

  • Understanding
  • Acceptance
  • Honesty
  • Commitment
  • Dedication
  • Change

Mission Statement within Transform Fitness

To help people move forward in a positive manner, improving their lives in all areas, committed to results and ending failure.

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